‘Drag Race’ Standout Naomi Smalls Talks Fighting and F*cking with Cardi B for ‘Cosmo’ (Video)

‘Drag Race’ Standout Naomi Smalls Talks Fighting and F*cking with Cardi B for ‘Cosmo’ (Video)

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Perhaps you were wondering what Naomi Smalls, Season 8 runner-up of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has been up to lately. Well, apart from performing at gigs, she went and got herself dressed up in some sick “Bodak Yellow” couture and recently interviewed American rapper Cardi B for Cosmopolitan. The Cardi B interview is hilariously revealing and shows that they both still got it.

In the interview, Cardi B reveals that while in high school she won the yearbook superlative award for Most Dramatic, but added that she’s also always been the class clown:

You know? The girl that chilled with the boys, and the boys like me because I’m so freaking funny. … I feel like a lot of people used to feel like, ‘Why is she always hanging out with guys? Is she sucking they dicks? Is she fucking them?’ And it’s like, no, I just — I’m just really that cool girl that guys just like to chill with because I’m mad funny and I’m like their homegirl. I’m just really like the sister that everybody fucks with.

In the Cardi B interview she says she doesn’t have a problem with people hating on her as long as they don’t mention her name. “Now,” she adds, “if you wanna fight me, we can fight. Like, ‘What’s up?’ Or if I feel like somebody’s being shady or if I feel like somebody’s doing funny stuff, I always go up to them and always ask them, ‘What’s the problems?’ I confront everybody that I feel like they don’t like me.”

Here is the video of the Naomi Smalls and Cardi B interview:

Naomi Smalls then asks Cardi B to name one deal-breaker in a relationship. Here’s Cardi B’s response:

When a guy fucks around with his ex. If it’s a new bitch, I don’t know — like, you probably want new pussy, you wanna feel new pussy — you’re probably a little bored. I’m not saying I’m gonna forgive you or take you back if you fuck with new pussy, but it hurts even more when you fucking with the ex, because it’s like, you clearly have some feelings towards that person that it hasn’t left. So when you fuck around with your ex, I gotta go.

Cardi B says her relationship with rapper Offset (of the group Migos) has been going well, and that he got her 300 roses one day after she was upset with him.

She also says that she gets her sense of humor from her father and her confrontational nature from her mother. And while she always wanted to make money as a performer, she knew she’d become successful when other rap artists began jumping at her invitations to collaborate.


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