Nasty Pig CEO Reveals His Company Has Secretly Been Making House Music Since 1995 (Video) Entertainment

Nasty Pig CEO Reveals His Company Has Secretly Been Making House Music Since 1995 (Video)

Written by Daniel Villarreal on August 22, 2018
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Nasty Pig, the men’s sportswear and apparel brand commonly worn by go-go boys and bear enthusiasts, just revealed that they don’t just make jockstraps and undies. In a recent e-mail, Nasty Pig CEO David Lauterstein said, that unbeknownst to most of us, his company has been creating house music and dance tracks since 1995, a year after the company was founded. In fact, Nasty Pig music dropped its first music video for a track called “This Little Piggy” (below).

According to Lauterstein, when he first conceived the Nasty Pig brand, he had hoped to convey its style through its fashions, poetry and house music.

“The fact that I couldn’t sing or play any instruments didn’t matter. I didn’t know how to make clothing or run a business either but those were just messy details I’d somehow figure out,” Lauterstein writes.

“I wrote songs in my head and I spent the next 15 years trying everything I could do to get them out into the world,” he continues. “In 2009, I finally managed to record a few and they were fucking terrible. I mean really terrible.”

Nasty Pig music 01
We want what this queen is serving in the Nasty Pig music video

Although he had New York DJ and music producer Chad Jack create a Nasty Pig music CD for International Mister Leather (IML) 1995. Lauterstein says the CD was a hit amongst IML attendees, but the brand didn’t drop another track until 2010 when they began releasing Nasty Pig music tracks from Jack on the music service Beatport over the next four years.

“If you love house music and going out to clubs, I guarantee you’ve moved to the sounds of Nasty Pig,” Lauterstein says. “I never talked about it much because it was my private joy … to go out and see thousands of guys wearing our gear and dancing to our beats without even knowing it.”

But for his 49th birthday, Lauterstein decided to release the first Nasty Pig music video for a track called “This Little Piggy.” It’s not fantastic, but it definitely sounds like something you’d see gogo boys gyrating to in the club. The video has the sort of hunky guys you’d expect from Nasty Pig, but if their past videos are any indication, they could create something really unique and sexy in future videos.

Here’s the Nasty Pig music video for “This Little Piggy”:

What do you think of the Nasty Pig music video for “This Little Piggy”?

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