Our 5 Current Obsessions: Get Skintight With Nasty Pig, Play Super Mario Chess

Our 5 Current Obsessions: Get Skintight With Nasty Pig, Play Super Mario Chess

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This week saw Nasty Pig unveil its new fall/winter collection, including a pair of fitted tights we’re enamored with. And if you’re game for bizarre candy, we have something unusual for your tastebuds. From the latest fashion to gadgets — even a game of Super Mario Chess — here are our current obsessions of this week.

Mac-and-Cheese Flavored Candy Canes

Maybe you remember that twisted-yet-tasty mustard pizza or that unforgettable lobster-flavored ice cream from a previous “current obsessions” roundup? Now we can add mac-and-cheese-flavored candy canes to the growing list of weird eats.

Archie McPhee, a Seattle-based retailer, introduced these unique candy canes just in time for the holidays. According to food blogger Junk Food Mom, each candy cane “smells like cheese and tastes like Mac and cheese, but the sweetness overpowers the flavor eventually, so it’s doable.” Of course, if mac and cheese isn’t your jam, Archie McPhee also offers rotisserie chicken-flavored candy canes. $6, mcphee.com 

2. Adidas Original + Oyster Holdings Collaboration

Oyster Holdings, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand, is launching a capsule collection with sneaker giant Adidas this week. This new Twinstrike design caught our eye, as it features multi-colored pods on the midsole. It’s like celebrating Pride month all over again. $200, travelingisasport.com 

3. Miniature Interactive Chewbacca

Now you can have Chewbacca, the beloved character from the world of Star Wars, as your own loyal friend. This interactive plush toy has different facial expressions: He laughs, gurgles and raises his arms when he roars. This fuzzy interactive guy features more than 100 sound-and-motion combinations, can respond in the Wookiee language and reacts whenever he’s in motion — sometimes in surprising ways. The best part of this furry Chewbacca? It even snores! $130, amazon.com 

4. Super Mario Chess

Mario, Luigi and the adorable Toad (can we still consider him adorable?) are all part of this chess game meant for the Super Mario Bros. fans. The Super Mario Chess set features custom vinyl pieces of your favorite  characters and a durable chess board. Who’s up for a game? $65, firefox.com 

5. Radar Tights by Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig knows a thing or two about tight-fitting clothes. These new super lightweight tights from the gay label’s Radar collection are a perfect example of what Nasty Pig stands for. This unique style is comfortable and totally machine-washable. $109, nastypig.com 

Will you be purchasing Nasty Pig’s Radar tights and Super Mario chess?

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