Natalie Portman Just Shaded Jared Kushner So Hard That We’re Out of Breath (Video)

Natalie Portman Just Shaded Jared Kushner So Hard That We’re Out of Breath (Video)

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Last night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Natalie Portman guested to promote her new documentary, Eating Animals. But before she talked about her film she had a few choice words for former friend Jared Kushner. In these Natalie Portman Jared Kushner comments she referred to him as a “supervillain” and implied that, well, he isn’t particularly smart.

Jared Kushner came up when Colbert mentioned that Portman not only went to Harvard but was part of the same graduating class as Kushner.

Colbert opened with “But you went to Harvard! You’re an actual smarty-pants!” Portman demurred, but laughingly accepted the compliment. Colbert followed up with, “Are you saying they let dummies into Harvard?”

Jared Kushner

She replied, “I mean…” and laughed, and Colbert mentioned Kushner.

Colbert asked Portman to speak about her time at Harvard with Kushner, and she — almost regretfully, it seems — admitted that they were, indeed, friends. When Colbert asks, “I heard he wasn’t that great of a student,” Portman replies, “That is true, yes,” and laughs awkwardly.

Honestly, the news that Jared Kushner isn’t particularly bright shouldn’t be shocking. After all, he’s had his security clearance downgraded over omitting information on his security application. Other countries have used him as a pawn due to the way it’s so easy to manipulate him. He even screwed up his voter registration form, marking himself as a woman. If there’s one smart thing he’s done, it’s that (unlike anyone else in the Trump administration) he’s generally kept quiet.

Colbert prodded Portman for more information, though she demurred: “Unfortunately, there’s not a lot funny to say about someone you were friends with becoming a supervillain. It’s not funny.”

She also brought up an interview in which Kushner said the friends he’s lost over politics is like “exfoliating,” and Portman joked she’s “proudly” a dead skin cell in that metaphor.

Though that was the end of the Natalie Portman Jared Kushner part of the interview, we’ll always remember it. No wonder Portman’s one of our favorite “dead skin cells.”

Watch the Natalie Portman Jared Kushner video below:

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