Who Needs Words, Anyway? These New Hornet Stickers Say Everything You Need

Who Needs Words, Anyway? These New Hornet Stickers Say Everything You Need

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In 2019, we say so much without using words, even on apps like Hornet that are all about connecting with other people! Thanks to emoji and stickers — like the brand-new batch of Hornet stickers — communication online and on the apps can take multiple forms.

Just last week we released a new collection of Hornet stickers, which you can use when messaging other users. It’s the most fun batch of stickers yet, and we hope you’ll enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

The brand-new batch of Hornet stickers

And there’s a sticker for just about every occasion. If you’re messaging a guy on Hornet for the very first time, maybe opt for one of the text bubbles. You’ll find stickers that say “Hey,” “Cool profile,” “Sexy” and that old faithful intro, “How’s it going?”

We’re particularly fond of the Hornet stickers depicting guys and different body types. We’ve got guys of various ethnicities and builds, from lean to muscled to bearish.

Naturally, most Hornet users are pretty familiar with the eggplant, the peach and the raindrops. But maybe you want to get a bit kinkier — if that’s you, check out the jockstrap, policeman hat and handcuffs.

Some of the other Hornet stickers include the otter, bear and pig (great for users who identify with those anthropomorphic communities) and great options for when you’re discussing safe sex, too.

What do you think of these new Hornet stickers? Have you already started using them?

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