Here’s What We’ll Be Watching on Disney+ Over the Holidays

Here’s What We’ll Be Watching on Disney+ Over the Holidays

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Feeling bored? Frantically trying to come up with ways to avoid your family for the holidays? Playstation 5 still on backorder? We’ve got you covered with the very best of what’s new on Disney+ this season.

And for those who are looking even further into the future, the most recent Disney+ Day saw a ton of new things announced, from first peeks at upcoming MCU entries (Ms. Marvel! Moon Knight!) to new TV and film series coming out over the next few years (Willow! Hocus Pocus 2! Zootopia+!). Read more about all those Disney+ Day announcements here.

But here’s a quick look at what’s new on Disney+ over the 2021 holiday season:

Hawkeye (Nov. 24)

Finally, Hailee Steinfeld makes her appearance in the MCU as Kate Bishop — the new Hawkeye-to-be. If you’re still feeling a little bitter that the powers that be decided to kill off Natasha over Clint in Endgame, you’re not alone. However, Kate’s undeniable charm would be a mistake to miss, and we’re excited to see how Marvel does with its first holiday-ish series.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

We’ve written about how phenomenal this film is before, and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here’s your reminder. Now streaming on Disney+, Shang-Chi is fast-paced, funny, and magical, and features the MCU’s first Asian lead (played by the hunky Simu Liu).

Jingle All the Way

A classic that reminds us what Christmas is all about: capitalism and being crazy.

Jungle Cruise

This adventure story starring Emily Blunt and The Rock as they search for the Tree of Life is highly entertaining — and, of course, slated for a sequel. It’s now streaming on Disney+.


It’s a little hard to believe this classic is recently new on Disney+. Starring the beloved Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, Enchanted is full of throwbacks and Easter eggs to other Disney films. Its sequel, Disenchanted, is set to be new on Disney+ in 2022.

Which of these ‘new on Disney+’ projects are you most excited to watch over the holidays?

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