RuPaul’s New Book ‘GuRu’ Is Here, a How-To Guide for Living One’s Truth

RuPaul’s New Book ‘GuRu’ Is Here, a How-To Guide for Living One’s Truth

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Every week on RuPaul‘s and Michelle Visage’s podcast “What’s The Tee?” — between celebrity interviews and moments where two friends simply dish with each other — there’s some true knowledge and wisdom dropped from the hosts. I’ve even caught myself a number of times zipping over to the “Notes” app in my iPhone to jot down some wise words from Ru or Ms. Visage. Maybe it was the mention of a fantastic book or movie, or maybe it was a wise word about not letting my inner saboteur take over on a day I needed to hear that most. The self-professed “Supermodel of the World” has undergone a transformation, having morphed into a sage and all-around beacon of light.

Mama Ru has become Mother Ru.

So there could be no better title for the new RuPaul book than GuRu, available everywhere today. While previous literary offerings from RuPaul were autobiographical (Lettin’ It All Hang Out) and covered fashion, beauty and style (Workin’ It), GuRu is the perfect bookend of sorts to the drag icon’s literary career. (So far, anyway. I’m convinced there will be a children’s book someday. You heard it here first.)

Between getting a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, filming several television shows and snagging a handful of Emmys for RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul has crafted a seemingly perfect package of advice that every single one of us can use.

Heavy on the wisdom and the glam, each page of the new RuPaul book is filled with eye-popping shots of the self-proclaimed “Glamazon” in some of her favorite incarnations. GuRu gives us the centering each of us can use in these polarizing times we are living in.

Sure, RuPaul may share some cheeky tips about the positive aspects of having a fat ass and refusing to let the world flatten your weave, but at the same time we get a sneak peek at some of his favorite looks, including the story of how he came up with his signature style.

There are parts of the new RuPaul book that will stop you in your tracks, where you can almost feel RuPaul reach up and put a hand on your shoulder, as if to say, “Baby, this page is totally for you.”

From handling obstacles (both external and internal) to taking control of your inner demons, GuRu offers some of the most profound and ‘real truth’ advice you’ll find. Every word was relatable to me in some way.

Whether looking back at his humble beginnings or looking forward to life when the cameras finally turn off, in GuRu RuPaul is honest, forthright and shares the path he took, which in turn can help his readers pave their very own way.

The last three pages of this new RuPaul book are a real treat. In them RuPaul has compiled a list of essential movies, books and albums, all in an effort to push each of us toward becoming our own guru.

Preach on, GuRu. We’re all listening.

The new RuPaul book GuRu is available today.

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