Popular YouTube Musician Pogo Finds Gays ‘Disgusting’ and Celebrated the Pulse Shooting (Video)

Popular YouTube Musician Pogo Finds Gays ‘Disgusting’ and Celebrated the Pulse Shooting (Video)

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Pogo (the artistic name of Australian electronic musician Nick Bertke) is massively popular. With over 711,639 YouTube subscribers and over 160 million views, he specializes in creating chill tracks from animated Disney films like Up and Aladdin. However, in a recently leaked video, Bertke reveals that he used to release music under the YouTube name Fagottron because he hates gay people. He also says that he liked the Pulse Nightclub shooting that killed 50 people and injured 53 others. Bertke also has a long history of making misogynist posts

In the video, which is hosted on an anonymous YouTube channel and shared via Reddit, Bertke says, “I’ve always had a very thorough dislike of homosexuals. I’ve never liked a grown man acting like a 12-year-old girl. I’ve always found that to be quite disgusting. And so I thought to myself, how best can I express to the world that gays are just an abomination?”

Here’s the video of Pogo explaining his hatred for gay people:

“To be a bit more PC about it, how can I express to the world that I view gays as an abomination? So I thought, ‘Well, here in Australia, we like to call, well, I think in America as well, you guys like to call gays ‘fags’ or ‘faggots.’ I think nothing encapsulates the sissiness of a guy quite like the word ‘faggot.’ So I thought to myself, well I’m gonna call myself Fagottron and hopefully people get it. I wanted to be subtle with the whole thing…”

He continues, “I have a fairly robust resentment of the gay community. I don’t want to really get into this, but when there was the Orlando shooting and the guy was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ or something, I was like (pumps fist). But yeah, I’ve got to be a bit careful with that because well, you know, I don’t like gays, but I don’t want to see people getting killed in nightclubs either. But still, I mean, it’s just fantastic. It amazes me to see the West actually welcoming that culture through the floodgates that wants gays dead. (Laughs) I think that’s fantastic. So there you go guys.”

One of Pogo’s first big hits was a remix of sound clips from Disney’s 1951 film of ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Bertke also has a long history writing about the evils of feminism — he has said that women make better sexual partners if you treat them like children — and speaking in agreement with right-wing web personalities. He is a self-avowed supporter of racist U.S. President Donald Trump fan of gay alt-right douchebag Milo Yiannopoulos.

Keep in mind that Pixar, Pokemon, Dexter and SpongeBob Squarepants have hired Pogo in the past to make authorized remixes for their work.

Thus far, Pogo has not responded to his disappointed fans on his Twitter page.

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