This Pansexual Artist’s Music Video Features an All-Nude Cast to Represent Fearlessness

This Pansexual Artist’s Music Video Features an All-Nude Cast to Represent Fearlessness

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“I want to encourage people to be honest, vulnerable and willing to take that fearless leap into life’s unknown,” says Yaysh, the openly pansexual pop artist who just released a brand-new music video for the track “Get 2 Kno Me.” And not just any music video. A nude music video. “Leap. Enjoy. Relax. Love,” she says. “You might be surprised at what happens.”

Released today, the pop track — which has a clear Reggae influence — offers up lyrics that are all about taking a leap and having no regrets. And its video, featuring a cast of 13 fully nude individuals of various genders and ethnicities, conveys the same message.

A still from “Get 2 Kno Me,” the nude music video from Yaysh

It’s not everyday you see an artist new to the mainstream pop game unveil a nude music video.

“We are all so afraid of being judged and letting people see our flaws. It prevents us from feeling good about ourselves and allowing others to love us for who we are,” Yaysh says. “Sometimes we have to jump into our phobias so that our thinking doesn’t get the best of us.”

Yaysh herself isn’t so easily classifiable, as a femme-presenting, androgynous singer. “People often want to label me a lesbian but I prefer pansexual because I occasionally find sexual chemistry with men,” she says. “Usually black men.”

Along with the freedom of her own gender and sexual expression, Yaysh also believes in the power of sex to nourish the soul and offer people a release from the stresses of daily life (and the news). Her nude music video for “Get 2 Kno Me” is a paean to the days of free love and sexual experimentation.

“I’m weird,” Yaysh says. “I’m a spiritual person who maybe doesn’t immediately appear that way. I’m a circle that refuses to fit in a square box. I’m a deep bish and every one of my songs has meaning and intention. Get to know me. I think you might get woke to the bigger reality that no one truly is how they appear.”

Watch Yaysh’s nude music video for “Get 2 Kno Me” below (or watch the uncensored version here):

“Get 2 Kno Me” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms.

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