The Hottest Thing on the Web Right Now Is Nyle DiMarco’s ASL Music Video for ‘7 Rings’

The Hottest Thing on the Web Right Now Is Nyle DiMarco’s ASL Music Video for ‘7 Rings’

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As it tends to do, the internet’s collective mouth was agape on Jan. 17 when Ariana Grande released her latest music video, this time for the track “7 Rings,” which is all about financial independence … in the form of spending crazy money on life’s big luxuries. But now Dancing With the Stars and America’s Next Top Model winner — and sexually fluid activist for the hard of hearing community — Nyle DiMarco has one-upped her. His ASL music video for the Ariana Grande track is easily the sexiest thing to happen to the internet all day. And all week. And, yes, all year.

Mimicking Ariana Grande’s video for “7 Rings,” the Nyle DiMarco ASL music video puts the gorgeous male model front-and-center in the Grande role, and instead of the pop starlet’s pack of stunning women, DiMarco is surrounded by some of the sexiest men working today as models, actors and the like.

Among the Nyle DiMarco squad in his ASL music video are Sachin Bhatt, Zach Graves, Jonathan Paul, Dimitri Rojas, Donald Romain and Constantine Rousouli. (Seriously, they’re all worth an Insta follow.)

It’s actually an interesting story how Nyle DiMarco’s ASL music video for “7 Rings” came about. It was late 2018 when Ariana Grande released her much-anticipated music video for “thank u, next,” and while much of the web rejoiced, one of the world’s most famous deaf activists, Nyle DiMarco, was disappointed.

DiMarco was upset the music video for “thank u, next” didn’t come with captions, and called Grande out for not making her output accessible to the hearing impaired.

Well, Ariana Grande took his suggestion to heart, and when “7 Rings” was released earlier this month, captions came with it.

But then Nyle DiMarco went one step further, creating an ASL music video for the track starring himself as the sexiest pop star we never knew we needed. His “7 Rings” video, directed by Jake Wilson, is easily the most jaw-droppingly sexy piece of footage to pop up on the web in 2019.

More of this, Nyle DiMarco! We’re going to need to see an ASL music video for all of our favorite new tracks, starring you, front-and-center!

Watch Nyle DiMarco’s ASL music video for “7 Rings” here:

What do you think of the “7 Rings” ASL music video?

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