A Study About ‘The Perfect Penis’ Reveals Women Are Actually a Lot Like Gay Men

A Study About ‘The Perfect Penis’ Reveals Women Are Actually a Lot Like Gay Men

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A few years ago, Dr. Nicole Prause found herself with 33 blue, 3-D-printed penises and the desire to obtain data about the “perfect penis” — more specifically, about women’s preferences in the penis size of their sex partners.

The results of her “perfect penis” study — in which 75 women were given the fake penises, each of which was a different length and girth, and asked to pick the most appealing — were later released by UCLA and the University of New Mexico. Those results were as follows: Most women’s “perfect penis” (something which Prause insists doesn’t actually exist) is rather close to men’s average penis size. Basically, women aren’t asking for too much, y’all! 

But another part of the “perfect penis” study proves that in one aspect, these straight-identifying women aren’t all that different from gay men (or, really, anyone who enjoys sex with a penis’d partner), and that’s the idea that the ideal penis actually depends on the situation.

According to Prause’s study, women selected a penis around 6.3″ long (16 cm) and 4.8″ around (12.2 cm) for dating, and 6.4″ long (16.25 cm), 5″ around (12.7 cm) for a one-night stand.

You’ve heard the term “husband dick” or “boyfriend dick”? Well, the concept apparently spans sexualities and gender.

While we don’t know of any study in which a test group of gay men were surveyed on what they consider the “perfect penis,” it’s very possible that penis is larger than what these women have said is ideal (and there are likely several reasons for that). But as it turns out, straight women and gay men are more alike than they may know.

Dr. Nicole Prouse

It’s understandable that someone’s ideal penis depends on … well, what they want to do with it. A person may desire a larger penis for oral sex but consider that same penis too large for penetration. Or they may desire a smaller, more “manageable” penis if there’s going to be intercourse on a regular basis.

Interestingly, the idea of a person (whether a gay man or a straight woman) wanting a smaller penis in a long-term partner and a larger penis in a one-time hookup actually confirms what guys with large penises have been saying: Sex can be difficult with a huge penis, either because things don’t always “fit” or because it’s hard to find an interested partner. (Check out four other problems guys with large penises claim they encounter here.) Now, whether you feel bad for a guy complaining about his large penis is up to you.

As for those 33 blue, 3-D-printed penises that Prouse used in her study, the doctor claims she held onto them. They’re reportedly in a bag under her bed. But raise your hand if you wanna see ’em!

What do you think of this “perfect penis” study? Do the similarities between what women want and gay men say they want make sense to you?

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