Here’s What Happens When ‘Top Model’ Nyle DiMarco Catches You Sneaking Photos of Him

Here’s What Happens When ‘Top Model’ Nyle DiMarco Catches You Sneaking Photos of Him

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Nyle DiMarco is no stranger to posing in front of a camera. Ever since he stole our hearts (and libidos) by winning Season 22 of America’s Next Top Model, DiMarco has been everywhere, from high-fashion editorials and runways to appearing on Hulu’s Difficult People and winning Dancing With the Stars. Now, most recently, Nyle DiMarco has showed up on one random New Yorker’s cell phone. Queens native Loiba thought she could get away with secretly snapping some photos of Nyle DiMarco on the subway, but the resulting incident made us love the model even more.

Loiba spoke with Buzzfeed about the entire encounter, stating that she first saw this “unbelievably gorgeous” man but couldn’t put a name to his face. So she decided to take a few photos of him to look him up later. She also admitted that “she was blatantly staring at him for the duration of the subway ride.” (Can’t say we blame you, Loiba.)

When she finally made the connection later that day, she commented on DiMarco’s Facebook page and actually posted one of the pictures she took, writing, “I think I saw you on the E train last Sunday. If this is you, you are very handsome in person!”

DiMarco responded, “Yes, I knew you were taking pics of me. Thank you, love!” But what Loiba didn’t know is that he had also taken a photo of her taking pics of him.

How adorable is that?!

And Loiba is pretty much making the exact face you would expect to make when staring at Nyle DiMarco from a mere five feet away.

This entire Nyle DiMarco subway incident reminds us of a story we wrote back in November, wherein we chatted with an ethics professor about snapping and posting pics of total strangers without their consent. (Find that story here.)

Oh and in case you do ever run into our favorite world-class model, forget snapping photos of Nyle DiMarco and instead opt for approaching him using these signs. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in his phone’s photo gallery, too.

Would you sneak photos of Nyle DiMarco if given the chance? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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