Pose Co-Creator Steven Canals Announces Final Season of Iconic Show

Pose Co-Creator Steven Canals Announces Final Season of Iconic Show

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Pose is ending, y’all, and we are sad. Co-creator and executive producer Steven Canals has announced that Pose Season 3 will be the final season of the iconic LGBTQ TV series, and that it will be premiering May 2.

Here’s what Canals had to say about Pose Season 3:

Our audience has been so incredibly supportive of the show, and I wanted to tell you directly that our new season, which debuts on FX on Sunday, May 2, will be its last. It was a very difficult decision for us to make, but this has been an incredible journey and we have told the story that we wanted to tell — the way that we wanted to tell it.

Although we know you will be sad to see the show go, this season will be filled with all of the love, and laughter, and tears that you have come to expect from the Evangelista family. I, along with my incredible collaborators, never intended on changing the television landscape. I simply wanted to tell an honest story about family, resilience, and love.

On creating the show, Canals wrote about the lack of queer Black and Latinx characters on-screen. He said, “So I wrote the first draft of a pilot the ‘younger me’ deserved. Pose was conceived as a love letter to the underground NY ballroom community, to my beloved New York, to my queer & trans family, to myself.”

That love, in Pose, is palpable. The show is a testament to the strength and heart of the LGBTQ community, to the families we find and make for ourselves, to remaining open and vulnerable even when the odds are against us. It’s a true celebration of life and queerness and ballroom, told with care and with honor.

Steven Canals writes, “I simply wanted to tell an honest story about family, resilience and love. How fortunate am I to have done that for three seasons.”

But we’re the fortunate ones, too.

What do you hope to see from Pose Season 3?

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