The First Season of This Drag D&D Podcast Has Dropped, Featuring Fierce Queens Who Literally Slay

The First Season of This Drag D&D Podcast Has Dropped, Featuring Fierce Queens Who Literally Slay

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A few months ago we told you about Queens of Adventure, a podcast in which drag queens play Dungeons and Dragons. At the time, it was just a Kickstarter campaign. We’re glad to announce that not only did Queens of Adventure make its goal, Season 1 is available right now.

Queens of Adventure is hosted by Hornet contributor and Dungeon Master Matt Baume, and was developed by Baume and his partner James Morris, who has worked for years developing games. It started out as a live show in Seattle starring local queens Harlotte O’ScaraButylene O’KippleFraya Love and Arson Nicki.

After selling out shows for months, Baume and company decided they should convert the show into a podcast. To pay for equipment, art, music and the queens’ time, Baume launched a Kickstarter. To say it was successful is an understatement. When it closed, the campaign had more than tripled their goal.

Queens of Adventure

While drag and Dungeons and Dragons might seem like an odd combination, as Baume explains, “Both drag and D&D are about creating characters that represent a fierce and fearless alter-ego within. Drag artists inhabit elaborate personas, delving deep to unleash a fabulous performer ready to slay a lip sync. Dungeons & Dragons players do exactly the same, crafting a deeply personal role in which they can slay dragons.”

Player (and queen) Arson Nicki agrees: “When folks make their drag characters, they have a whole detailed backstory. That’s exactly what you’re doing with D&D … you bring your own uniqueness to the table.”

Thanks to the Kickstarter’s stretch goals, Queens of Adventure isn’t just a podcast. The crew is also working on a fully illustrated playable adventure that will be fully compatible with the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons — so you can play at home with your own drag queens.

Queens of Adventure Season 1 is available now on iTunes and other podcast platforms. Watch Queens of Adventure live at Seattle’s Kremwerk on June 21, and at Oasis in San Francisco on July 13 & 14.

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