In ‘Queer Eye Kiki,’ the Original Fab 5 Meet the New Batch From the Netflix Reboot

In ‘Queer Eye Kiki,’ the Original Fab 5 Meet the New Batch From the Netflix Reboot

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It’s strange — it feels sort of like a Queer Eye reunion episode to see the original Fab 5 meet their rebooted counterparts. But is it really a reunion if they’ve never met before? Perhaps it’s just a Queer Eye union? Either way, in the new “Queer Eye Kiki” video from Netflix, we get to watch almost four minutes of the Fab 10 gab.

The Queer Eye reboot

The new Queer Eye is changing the format a little bit. While, as in the original, the Fab 5 will be helping a straight guy better himself, instead of sticking to New York City, the new show will be traveling to red states. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator David Collins said, “It’s a new time with a new audience. If the original round was about tolerance, this time it is about acceptance.”


“Cheers, queers!”

The video opens with the original Fab 5 and the new Fab 5 sitting down for lunch in a lovely outdoor garden. The video is divvied up by title cards with questions on them.

The first segment is “Who Inspired You,” which features new design expert Bobby Berk telling Thom Filicia, the old design expert, that he was his inspiration. Berk also mentions that the original Queer Eye lost him his job at Restoration Hardware. He happened to be managing the store the Fab 5 filmed an episode in — and when he adjusted his employees’ time cards to reflect how long they actually worked, he was fired for it.

Next, the Fab 5s talk about Queer Eye‘s cultural relevance. They echo what Collins said about how the first series was about tolerance and made it easier for people to come out. That segues into how the LGBTQ community viewed the show. Perhaps in response to our op/ed calling out the lack of queer diversity, new fashion expert Tan France talks about how the new cast features a black gay man who has children (Karamo Brown, culture expert) and an openly gay Muslim man (France himself), married to a Mormon.

There’s more to the video — but we don’t want to spoil the whole thing!


Watch the kinda-sorta Queer Eye reunion below:

Queer Eye debuts on Netflix Feb. 7, 2018.

Featured image courtesy of Netflix.

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