Here’s Hoping We Haven’t Seen the Last of These 9 Queer Quibi Series

Here’s Hoping We Haven’t Seen the Last of These 9 Queer Quibi Series

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Well, that didn’t last long. But will the queer Quibi shows we fell in love with stick around?

The fledgling streaming service Quibi is running out of time, folks. The streaming program was initially built for delivering entertainment in 5-to-10-minute “quick bites” (hence its name). But now that the platform is shutting down after only six months, what will happen to those queer Quibi shows we enjoyed? Maybe if we raise an alarm, the series we fell in love with will pop up on other services.

Just in case that’s an option, here’s info about the best queer Quibi shows we hope won’t perish with the platform:

1. Dismantled

A food competition starring Tituss Burgess? Yes, please! On this program, contestants were tasked with creating dishes based on taste alone. But that wasn’t the best part, as they were blindfolded and then blasted in the face with these meals before having to recreate what they’d just tasted. Plus, they were critiqued by Burgess — one of our favorite openly gay TV stars, pictured above — and his rotating list of guest judges.

2. Singled Out

From Tituss Burgess to Joel Kim Booster, this was another great show with a great gay host. This time, though, the hilarious Booster was joined by morning TV darling Keke Palmer. The two hosted this reboot of the popular ‘90s dating show of the same name, which helped make household names out of both a pre-anti-vaxx Jenny McCarthy and Baywatch star Carmen Electra. But our favorite past of this queer Quibi show was that it was naturally open to featuring queer people finding love — or, whatever you can expect to find from a silly dating show.

3. Trip

Speaking of Joel Kim Booster, he was working on what surely would have been another of our favorite queer Quibi shows. Think of Trip, a queer rom-com written by Booster and planned to co-star openly gay Saturday Night Live cast member Bowen Yang, as if Pride & Prejudice was smashed together with gay Pride and New York’s Fire Island. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t produced before Quibi fell, but it’s obviously still a viable idea for some other platform to feature, so our fingers are crossed!

4. The Gayme Show

Now back to game shows, and, boy, do we have a gay one for you! Hosted by comedians Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni, The Gayme Show paired straight contenders with queer “life partners.” The pairs then had to go through “physical, mental and emotional challenges” in pursuit of the title we’ve always wanted, “Queen of the Straights.”

5. Fashion’s A Drag

On this one, Willam Belli (of Drag Race and A Star Is Born fame, not to mention the hit podcast Race Chaser) and model Denis Bidot gabbed about fashion and the fashion industry with a rotating list of drag friends. Belli has never had a shortage of in-the-works projects, so maybe this could be one of the queer Quibi series that doesn’t die with the platform.

6. You Ain’t Got These

Another style-based show is Lena Waithe’s You Ain’t Got These. Hosted by the ultimate queer actor/writer/producer, it’s all about sneaker culture. Whether you’re a Waithe fan or a sneaker fan, this series was tailor-made for you.

7. Sasha Velour’s NightGowns

A series that followed the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 winner, NightGowns is an intimate docuseries exploring the Brooklyn-based queen’s career and art, specifically her namesake nightlife event where she gave a literal platform to some of the country’s most talented queer performers. If you’re looking to understand drag culture outside of the glitz and editing of Drag Race, this is the show to watch, and we want more!

8. Prodigy

Hosted by queer soccer star Megan Rapinoe, Prodigy is another documentary series, this one showcasing eight young athletes (one per episode) and their journeys in the world of sports.

9. Murder House Flip

If all the queer Quibi series we mentioned are a bit too buttoned-up for your liking, or if you need to wind down from all that docuseries seriousness, Murder House Flip might be the perfect in-between programing. On this show, hosted by New York-based interior design superstar Mikel Welch and TV newbie Joelle Uzyel, we see former murder houses flipped into beautiful living spaces. Of course, the real question is, would you have the nerve to live in one?

While Quibi might be saying goodbye, here’s hoping we haven’t witnessed the end of some of our favorite queer Quibi series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that some other streaming platform could pick them up and give them the attention — and audiences — they truly deserve.

Did you watch any of these queer Quibi series? Which were your favorites?

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