Here’s Your Queer Summer Anthem of 2020, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s Your Queer Summer Anthem of 2020, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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We’ve only got a few weeks left of Summer. Those long drives to the beach with the windows down, all-day BBQs in the backyard with our families or roommates, and virtual happy hours on Zoom are still very much possible. And every good summer deserves a corresponding soundtrack. This year, we’re assigning each sun sign of the zodiac its very own queer summer anthem.

Handpicked to match your mood and vibe, these LGBTQ artists are sure to jumpstart your very own dream staycation.

What’s your queer summer anthem? Here’s our definitive list for 2020, by Zodiac sign: 

Aries: “Nightmare” – Halsey

There’s nothing wrong with being a little angry. Let it out.

Taurus: “Immaterial” – SOPHIE

Everyone knows you are a Material Girl, but wouldn’t you feel so much freer if you just let go once in a while?

Gemini: “Valentino” – Years & Years ft. MNEK

He might have been fun, but he didn’t deserve you anyway.

Cancer: “Change Your Life” – Kehlani ft. Jhené Aiko

Keep this song on repeat this summer and all your heavenly dreams will come true.

Leo: “Fatty Acid” – Le1f

A Leo’s hype, confidence, and energy are some of their sexiest qualities. This track by Le1f exudes Leo vibes for mid-morning workout sessions.

Virgo: “I Wish” – Hayley Kiyoko

Your heart may be breaking, but at least you make it look good.

Libra: “You Will Find It” – Mykki Blanco ft. FaltyDL & Devendra Banhart

Only an artist like Mykki Blanco can capture your soulful, relaxed vibe, Libra.

Scorpio: “Gold Teeth” – Blood Orange ft. Project Pat, Gangsta Boo & Tinashe

Scorpios are as misunderstood as Blood Orange is underrated. Sure, you can be moody. But you can also be the most charming person in any room.

Sagittarius: “No Glory in the West” – Orville Peck

You restless, adventurous soul. You’ll be able to take that roadtrip you’ve been planning eventually, I promise. Play this track when you do.

Capricorn: “In My Room” – Frank Ocean

It can be difficult for you to show vulnerability. Frank Ocean can help.

Aquarius: “I Wanna Go Back” – The Drums

Put this on during your late-night drive to Area 51. Which I know you’ve thought about taking.

Pisces: “Broken Heart” – Kat Cunning

Ethereal and emotional and evocative. Just like you.

Which track is your queer summer anthem? And what else is on your summer playlist?

Photo at top by Yingchou Han on Unsplash

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