‘Rockstar and Softboy’ Is the Perfect Blend of Gay Friendship and Magic in a Comic

‘Rockstar and Softboy’ Is the Perfect Blend of Gay Friendship and Magic in a Comic

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Rockstar and Softboy, written and illustrated by Sina Grace — best known for his Iceman run for Marvel — feels like a love letter to the queer community, highlighting the importance of queer, specifically gay, friendships. The one-shot comic focuses on the friendship between Rockstar and Softboy, two gay roommates. When Softboy needs his spirits lifted, Rockstar takes it upon himself to throw the most raging house party in Hollyweird to cheer him up.

Rockstar is … a lot, which makes sense since he’s a Leo. He’s a touring musician and songwriter and the extrovert to Softboy’s more introverted nature. He can be grating at times, but his faults really show how authentic he feels as a character.

Softboy is a narrative designer for video games. He’s currently trying to get a video game ready for a Kickstarter campaign, but he’s running into a lot of writer’s block, which Rockstar blames on the fact that Softboy hasn’t gotten laid in ages.

One of the most interesting things about Rockstar and Softboy is the way the world is established with fun magical elements. Rockstar and Softboy are the gay magical girls the world needs, they have a friend who can shift into a cat, and the breakdown of the groups they’re inviting to their house party paints a vivid pictures of just how weird Hollyweird really is.

The heart of Rockstar and Softboy, looking beyond the magical world and the quips, is their friendship. At times it seems like Rockstar doesn’t listen to what Softboy is saying, but it’s clear he really cares about Softboy and is trying to do his best to cheer him up. This miscommunication leads to a fight between the two of them as their house party gets out of hand. It gets resolved in a way that feels authentic while also featuring a magical girl transformation scene.

Rockstar and Softboy is zany and weird, but it has touching moments that make it a fun read. Most importantly, the comic stresses the importance of ABBA, which makes it an absolute must-read in my book. You can find Rockstar and Softboy at your local comic shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other places where books are sold.

Are you a comic reader? Will you be checking out Rockstar and Softboy?

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