RuPaul’s ‘Walk of Fame’ Star Ceremony Was Filled With Tears, Laughter and Some Megyn Kelly Shade

RuPaul’s ‘Walk of Fame’ Star Ceremony Was Filled With Tears, Laughter and Some Megyn Kelly Shade

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Legendary drag queen RuPaul received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this afternoon, helping cement the legacy of the 57-year-old American singer, actor and drag entertainer. You can scroll down to watch video of the RuPaul Walk of Fame ceremony.

Actress Jane Fonda presented RuPaul with his star. In her presentation, Fonda said:

I think [this star] should be at least three sizes bigger than any other star on the Walk of Fame because I don’t think anyone else on the Walk of Fame has ever launched an industry like RuPaul has. She has created an industry that has given hundreds and hundreds of jobs and dreams to so many.

Fonda also gave RuPaul a great compliment, thanking him for an interview he conducted with her and Lily Tomlin.

Lily and I were interviewed by RuPaul and literally, in my many, many decades in entertainment I have never had anybody that created such a great interview. There weren’t trick questions. There weren’t superficial questions. They were questions that came from his depth and his heart to bring me and Lily out as human beings. I was so impressed by that.

Fonda’s comments here seemed to throw a little shade at Megyn Kelly, who came under fire for putting Fonda on the spot with awkward questions about plastic surgery.

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