Here’s Why Hunky Aussie Actor Russell Crowe Is Selling His Old-Timey ‘Cinderella Man’ Jockstrap

Here’s Why Hunky Aussie Actor Russell Crowe Is Selling His Old-Timey ‘Cinderella Man’ Jockstrap

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Although Australian actor Russell Crowe separated from his wife years ago, they’re only just now finalizing their divorce. And part of the process involves selling lots of their old belongings. So, Crowe has decided to auction off some props he has acquired while acting in Hollywood films, including the old leather jockstrap that he wore in the 2005 historical boxing biopic, Cinderella Man. That’s right! If you have $500 to $600 laying around, this Russell Crowe jockstrap can be yours!

In case you missed it, Cinderella Man was a film about James J. Braddock, an Irish-American heavyweight boxing champion who rose from rags to riches (hence the “Cinderella” moniker) during the 1930s. Crowe played Braddock (of course), and because we didn’t watch the film we can’t really say whether Crowe ever wore the jockstrap in the film or whether it was just an old-timey costume piece to add historical realism to the film.

Either way, you can buy the jockstrap and either mount it on your wall for impressing dates at home, or you can wear it on your face and huff its leathery man smells like some sort of gay Mad Max character, or wear it to the Eagle for some vintage jock appeal.

Granted, if you really want to own it, you’ll have to attend the “Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce” auction in Sotheby’s Australia, on April 7, 2018. In addition to his old jockstrap, you can also buy numerous items from “his sizable collection of movie memorabilia, clothing, artwork, watches, furniture and guitars,” including the violin he played as a sea captain in Master and Commander, the maroon leather Doc Marten boots he wore in Romper Stomper and a life size horse prop he got from Gladiator.

“On the practical side,” Crowe said, “this collection probably equates to three rooms full of things I’ll no longer have to care for, document, clean, tune and insure.”

Would you buy the Russell Crowe jockstrap? Sound off in the comments.

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