Sally Field Is Playing Cupid So Gay Olympian Adam Rippon Will Date Her Gay Son

Sally Field Is Playing Cupid So Gay Olympian Adam Rippon Will Date Her Gay Son

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There’s a Sally Field Adam Rippon love connection brewing as the award-winning American actress is trying to get the openly gay Olympic figure skater to date her gay son, Sam Greisman.

After the start of the Winter Games, Greisman tweeted, “I hate being earnest but an openly, ‘non-passing,’ sassy, beautiful gay 20-something daring America not to love him and becoming the sweetheart of the Olympic Games is very moving to me.”

His tweet most likely referred to 28-year-old figure skater Adam Rippon, an openly gay competitor who calls himself “America’s Sweetheart.”

As we mentioned, Rippon was one of the only two openly gay U.S. male Olympic athletes to compete in the 2018 Winter Games. Before the Games, he spoke out against U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s anti-gay politics; during the Games, he helped the U.S. figure skating team win a bronze medal; and after he competed, NBC hired him as a commentator for the rest of the Games.

The Sally Field Adam Rippon love connection

Greisman mentioned his Olympic crush to his mother and then shared a screen shot of her text message response via Twitter.

Field responded by quote-tweeting her son’s message, tagging Rippon’s Twitter account so that he’d get a notification about Greisman’s affection. In response, Greisman responded to his mom’s tweet with a tweet simply reading, “Yikes.”

Rippon hasn’t responded yet, presumably because he’s still busy working at the Olympics, but he and Greisman would make a cute celebrity couple.

Field might send Rippon a Valentine like this, image via Adam Rippon’s Instagram

This isn’t the first time Field has given love to gay men. She has delivered speeches to and helped fundraise for the Human Rights Campaign, the world’s largest LGBTQ organization.

And in case you need a reminder, here’s the hunk she’s trying to set her son up with….

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