Sarah Silverman’s Response to a Would-Be Twitter Troll Is the First Heartwarming Story of 2018

Sarah Silverman’s Response to a Would-Be Twitter Troll Is the First Heartwarming Story of 2018

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When you’re famous, you get a lot of Twitter trolls. And if you’re a famous woman, you can just about quadruple that. But how do you deal? A lot of people merely block their trolls, and others choose to get into it, but with a recent would-be Sarah Silverman Twitter troll, she chose a different course of action altogether: compassion.

And it all started with one four-letter word:

While Jeremy Jamrozy’s initial tweet got the responses you’d expect from Silverman’s fans, her own response was surprising.

It was then that Jamrozy started to come out of his shell.

The two talked a bit more. Silverman inquired about his heath and sympathized with the horror he’d gone through:

While it might be surprising for a troll to apologize, it’s not unheard of. But this story doesn’t end there. Silverman and Jamrozy kept talking. Silverman talked to him about getting therapy, and getting help. Their relationship even grew to the point where they could make jokes with each other:

As important as friendship is, it didn’t stop there. From Jamrozy’s tweets, she discovered this would-be Sarah Silverman Twitter troll suffered from crippling back pain, and sought help:

People came forward almost immediately, and Jamrozy reported back that he set up an appointment to get his back fixed!

Given that Sarah Silverman’s style of comedy is often crude, casual fans may be surprised at her response. But viewers of her new Hulu show I Love You, America know this is in character for her. On that show, she talks about her efforts to reach across the political aisle and connect with people. She even frequently references one of Mister Rogers‘ famous quotes — “If it’s mentionable, it’s manageable.”

Sarah Silverman’s response to Jeremy Jamrozy illustrates that she’s taken Mister Rogers’ lessons to heart. Another famous Rogers quote is “Look for the helpers” — and Silverman just showed that she’s one of the helpers.

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