A Washed-Up Scott Baio Stands Accused of Homophobic Bullying in Addition to Previous Sexual Harassment Charges

A Washed-Up Scott Baio Stands Accused of Homophobic Bullying in Addition to Previous Sexual Harassment Charges

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Earlier this month, Nicole Eggert accused Scott Baio of molesting her on the set of Charles in Charge. Eggert was only 14 when the Scott Baio abuse started. Her claims were backed up by her co-star Alexander Polinsky, who was 11 at the time. Now Polinsky has come forward with his own Scott Baio abuse claims. He says the star constantly hurled homophobic slurs at him.

Polinsky says the harassment started on set when he saw Eggert sitting on Baio’s lap. At the time, he thought it was innocent and climbed into Baio’s lap, too. Polinsky explained he expected Baio to tell him a story. Instead, “Scott immediately threw me off him and angrily called me ‘faggot.’” He then realized that Eggert in Baio’s lap wasn’t innocent, and explained he felt “confusion, shame and fear” after he realized he was wrong.

That incident made Polinsky notice Baio’s other inappropriate conduct towards Eggert. The situation made him uncomfortable and he worried about his safety. Though it appears he had valid reasons to fear for his own protection.

Polinsky said the harassment and abuse was daily throughout the entire five-season run of Charles in Charge. The Scott Baio abuse included the elder actor exposing himself to Polinsky. Baio also repeatedly told Polinsky about “gay sex acts that he told me I would grow up to perform.” When Polinsky protested, Baio “branded [him] with the most homophobic words about homosexuals that exist.” Polinsky added “Scott Baio told me I was never going to be loved by a woman in my life because I was so effeminate.”

Nicole Eggert, Lisa Bloom and Alexander Polinsky at their press conference. (Photo: ABC)

In another incident, he said Baio “assaulted me by throwing a burning cup of tea to my face.” According to Polinsky, the adults on set were aware of Baio’s behavior, but refused to say anything in fear of losing their jobs. His parents said he could either quit the show or “stick it out.” Polinsky also said he tried to speak to other adults outside of work and the media but “no one wanted to listen.”

The LAPD is investigating Eggert’s and Polinsky’s claims against Baio. According to attorney Lisa Bloom, there is a possibility of criminal action, given that the case deals with child abuse.

Scott Baio denies all allegations.

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