These 3 Card Games About Getting Laid Will Turn You On and Make You New Friends (With Benefits)

These 3 Card Games About Getting Laid Will Turn You On and Make You New Friends (With Benefits)

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While attending GaymerX East — the annual LGBTQ gaming convention — someone mentioned Tentacle Bento, a 2012 card game that was accused of promoting rape for indulging in Japanese tentacle rape fantasies against anime-style school girls. Tentacle Bento failed both as a satire or a game about sex, but at GaymerX we learned about three other sexy card games that sound a hell of a lot more progressive, naughty and fun.

One even deals with (gasp!) consent.

Check out 3 of our favorite sexy card games here:

1. Consentacle

Naomi Clark’s card game Consentacle is a two-player card game in which one person plays a space explorer named Kit and the other player plays an extraterrestrial octopus creature named Dup. Kit and Dup want to hook up, but to do so, each one must play cards describing the sexual things they want to do to each other — moves like biting, gazing into each other’s eyes or even penetrating each other.

If both players cooperate, they can build a pile of mutually-given, interlocking Trust Tokens that can combine to form Satisfaction Tokens, helping the players earn a final high score of sexual satisfaction together. But players can also “withdraw consent” by taking back certain moves or play selfishly by doing whatever moves they please purely to amass a trove of their own trust tokens. A ranking at the end of the game will rank mutual and individual pleasure.  If they’re a selfish lover, the scale will rank them as merely “okay.” But if they cooperate, the player could possibly destroy the galaxy (but like, in a good way).

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The game’s memorable and non-explicit artwork comes from artist James Harvey, so you can play the game peacefully in public without offending anyone. The game allows players to communicate their upcoming moves, but there’s also an advanced mode of gameplay where players must “speak” only with their eyes.

The game’s creator said they wanted to create the game specifically after hearing about Japanese tentacle rape and Tentacle Bento, but adds that they also used an octopus creature as a symbol for how some queer people feel in their own bodies — alien, yet reaching out.

2. Furoticon (link NSFW)

If you’re seeking more of a fur-filled romp in your sexy card games, there’s Furoticon, a competitive two-player deck-building game where you dispatch your own harem of horny furries to literally sex your opponents into submission. Think of it as a furry, gender-fluid version of Magic: The Gathering with sex instead of spells.

In Furoticon, your harem can consist of characters from literally any gender — male, female, transgender or non-binary — and each individual character has different special sexual abilities that change depending on the genders represented in their opponent’s harem.

This might all sound very pimpy and exploitative, but the game views the match-ups as part of a consensual sexual competition where everyone wins, even when they’re sexed into submission. You lose when your team leaders climax — which doesn’t seem like such a bad way to be defeated.

Since artwork is such a big part of the furry fandom, Furoticon makes sure to list each artist’s name and website on each card — they even pay their artists (which is pretty cool). Many of Furoticon’s creators are members of the trans and non-binary community, and the game also has several expansion decks like for those who want to add a medieval, steampunk, BDSM or fantasy flavor to their deck.

Be warned! Unlike Consentacle, Furoticon‘s cards are sexually explicit — sometimes breathtakingly so.

3. Let’s Fool Around

If these cooperative and competitive deck-building games are too much on the suggestive side for you, Let’s Fool Around offers something a bit more explicit. It’s nowhere near as “queer” as Consentacle or Furoticon — in fact, it wasn’t even featured as a demo at GaymerX East 2017 — but it’s definitely a lot more hands-on, mostly doing away with game mechanics and getting its players to start having sex together (assuming that they all consent, of course).

Billing itself as “a romantic card game for two players or a kinky party game for a group of uninhibited friends,” each player takes turns drawing cards and performing the actions listed on them. These can range from innocent things like massaging or gently kissing the neck of another player or more risqué ones like fondling or orally pleasuring another player.

You can also play an alternate form of the game where players are allowed to give other players the cards as dares. Whether you’re playing with a frisky, free-loving group of friends or just playing with your partner(s) as a form of foreplay, as far as sexy card games go, you probably won’t play this one and not get lucky.

Will you be playing any of these sexy card games? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know.

This story was originally published on Dec. 5, 2017

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