Here’s Everything We Know (and Love) About ‘Lovecraft Country’ Star Jonathan Majors

Here’s Everything We Know (and Love) About ‘Lovecraft Country’ Star Jonathan Majors

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Oh, that sexy Jonathan Majors! We seriously can’t get enough of this guy!

While 2020 has been a messy and complicated year for many, Jonathan Majors may be one of the only actors to have a fantastic year. The 6’1″, 31-year-old actor is perfectly riding the wave of being on the hit HBO show Lovecraft Country (which just aired its jaw-dropping finale last night — did you watch??), and the sexy Jonathan Majors will soon be surfing off to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a high-profile part.

But who is Jonathan Majors? Where’d he come from all of a sudden? Did I hear something about a Jonathan Majors gay role? We’ve got answers to all that and more. Oh, and can we look at some sexy Jonathan Majors photos? Absolutely.

Jonathan Majors Was a Military Brat

Life wasn’t always easy for Jonathan Majors. In fact, he had a very rough upbringing. His dad was in the Air Force when Majors was a kid. That meant that he grew up on the Vandenberg military base in California. That didn’t last, however, as Jonathan Majors’ parents later divorced and he moved to Dallas, Texas, with his pastor mom. That led to a troubled upbringing, when Jonathan had run-ins with the law for getting into fights.

The sexy Jonathan Majors was shot for Vanity Fair by Pari Dukovic

Trust That Sexy Jonathan Majors Is for the Cause

Now, as an adult, Jonathan Majors still has run-ins with the law, but this time for good reasons. He has been an active participant in the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests. It was through these heightened times that the actor reconnected with his father. The two would go out to protests together, and Jonathan brought along his young daughter as a way to educate her about the unjust law and her Blackness.

Jonathan Majors alongside two of his ‘Lovecraft Country’ co-stars, Jurnee Smollett (right) and Courtney B. Vance

Yes, Jonathan Majors Is a Real-Life Daddy

In-between college and drama school, Jonathan Majors had a daughter. Majors has said about his daughter and the education he hopes she receives, “I have a 7 year old who’s mixed race. She has to understand that it’s actually not ‘black history’ — it’s American history. The way it’s taught now, it’s honestly the Jim Crow system of separate but equal. We’ll give it one month, 12 pages in the history book … we’ll talk about Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, MLK, then we’ll give you a little quiz about it. And that’s it.”

The sexy Jonathan Majors was shot for the cover of GQ Magazine’s October issue

Jonathan Majors Started Acting Young

But how did Jonathan Majors transition from a kid getting into fights to a rising actor in Hollywood? He went to acting school. As a way to course-correct the team heading for a dark path, his mother sent him to “an alternative education program.” It was then, at the age of 14, that he fell in love with acting.

“We were reading Agatha Christie and I just got into it,” he told The Last Magazine in 2019. “I grew up reading the Bible all the time, and I would compare the King James version and other versions and be like, ‘Oh, I like this version better.’ I just loved reading, and I have an active imagination and liked acting out the scene.”

Photo courtesy Getty Images

Jonathan Majors Went to the Yale School of Drama

Studying the craft of acting didn’t stop there, obviously. After getting a BFA at the University of North Carolina School of Arts, he received an MFA at the Yale School of Drama. He then joined the ranks of famous Hollywood actors who are also graduates, like Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Burton, Sigourney Weaver, and more.

Before his leading role on ‘Lovecraft Country’ (pictured here) it was a Jonathan Majors gay role that kickstarted his Hollywood career.

A Jonathan Majors Gay Role: Yep, He Once Played Gay

It was in Jonathan Majors’ last year at the Yale School of Drama that he began his fast-rising career in Hollywood. And it was for a gay part! Yes, it was this Jonathan Majors gay role that technically kicked off his professional acting career! In his third year at the graduate school, Majors auditioned to play historical gay rights activist Ken Jones in ABC’s When We Rise.

“My final semester at Yale, I was picked by Gus Van Sant to play one of the leads in the miniseries he and Dustin Lance Black were collaborating on,” he explained to Backstage in 2019. “I did my final semester of [school] work in a trailer in Vancouver on set with Gus Van Sant.”

Jonathan Majors MCU star: The actor will play Kang the Conqueror

And a Jonathan Majors MCU Role: Our New Favorite Supervillain

Not only is Jonathan Majors the star of Lovecraft Country, but he has recently been cast as “Kang the Conqueror” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ant-Man 3. Majors will play a famous (in the comics) time-traveling villain who has the potential to become the MCU’s next big bad — or, at the very least, a recurring villain/sometime-ally like the Loki character was in earlier Marvel films.

Plus, with upcoming work in the Jay-Z-produced American Western film The Harder They Fall, Jonathan Majors is really making a name for himself in Hollywood. We’re not surprised the sexy Jonathan Majors is the name on everyone’s lips right now, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!

Which of the sexy Jonathan Majors photos above is your favorite? Did you know it was a Jonathan Majors gay role that got the actor his Hollywood start?

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