This ‘SNL’ Skit Has It All: Wet Tighty-Whities, a Tender Kiss and ‘Sexy Dad’ Liev Schreiber (Video)

This ‘SNL’ Skit Has It All: Wet Tighty-Whities, a Tender Kiss and ‘Sexy Dad’ Liev Schreiber (Video)

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In the Nov. 10 Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Liev Schreiber that was for the most part pretty uneventful, one SNL skit stood out as practically tailor-made for the gays. A sketch called “Brothers” comes with everything your homo dreams are made of: two of the show’s funniest guys in wet white briefs, a same-sex kiss and Liev Schreiber serving up a seriously sexy dad character.

There’s been plenty of talk about Saturday’s cold open SNL skit that might just mark the last time LGBTQ cast member Kate McKinnon portrays now-former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (as a skeevy possum-human hybrid, no less). People are also chattering about the portion of Saturday’s “Weekend Update” that saw Pete Davidson publicly apologize to GOP politician and military veteran  Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw.

But where’s all the gushing over this “Brothers” sketch? I mean, it’s not everyday you get a free wet underwear contest in an SNL skit.

‘Sexy dad’ Liev Schreiber

In the hilarious sketch, Liev Schreiber plays a hunky dad — complete with full Selleck ‘stache — whose two sons (Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney) are young and out of control when the neighbors stop by. And what better way to keep your kids in line than by hosing them down when the horseplay gets out of hand? (Thank god our parents didn’t think to do the same.)

Even the cast of this SNL skit, most notably “mom” Cecily Strong, couldn’t keep the giggles down when Bennett and Mooney perfectly epitomize a pair of obnoxiously competitive brothers.

And Liev Schreiber’s explanation for his sons’ rambunctiousness in this SNL skit — the sketch’s very last line — left us in stitches. But don’t take our word for it. Give it a watch yourself below.

Watch Saturday’s standout SNL skit here:

What did you think of the SNL skit “Brothers” with Liev Schreiber?

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