This ‘Super Straight’ Trend Is the Bogus New Way to Be Transphobic in 2021

This ‘Super Straight’ Trend Is the Bogus New Way to Be Transphobic in 2021

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(Warning: gross, transphobic/homophobic language and Nazi imagery ahead.)

Another week, another opportunity for transphobia to rear its ugly-ass head. Folks are coming up with new ways to be transphobic as if the safe cocoon of their heteronormativity depends on it, and “super straight” — a so-called new sexual orientation — is the latest form of embarrassingly ridiculous bigotry.

In a TikTok video that seems to have now been deleted, user Kyle Royce claims to have made up this “new sexuality.”

He refers to trans women as “not real women,” and says, “I only date the opposite gender, women, that are born women. So you can’t say I’m transphobic now because that’s just my sexuality.”

Actually, we can! And we will, because you are a transphobe, dude. And with this delightful new term, the rest of the straight dudes who identify as “super straight” are outing themselves as transphobic, too.

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