Check Dan Savage’s Hunky Hubby in Leather Gear at a WeHo Cruising Spot (Photos)

Check Dan Savage’s Hunky Hubby in Leather Gear at a WeHo Cruising Spot (Photos)

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By now you probably already know that sex advice columnist Dan Savage’s hunky husband Terry Miller is the U.S. ambassador for Tom of Finland, the brand eponymous with the artist known for his erotic drawings of super-sexualized, hyper-masculine men. Well, Miller just did a photo shoot with homocore director Bruce LaBruce at the well-known leather bar Eagle LA, and in the notorious West Hollywood cruising spot known as Vaseline Alley. These steamy Terry Miller Bruce LaBruce shots will make you sit up and say, “Woof!”

Apart from being sexy, the Terry Miller Bruce LaBruce photo shoot serves to highlight some new gear at the Tom of Finland online store including new “post-fetish” leather gear by Zana Bayne, a harness and new pajama pants by the UK-based streetwear brand Cockheart and Savage’s ITMFA shirt, which stands for “Impeach the Motherfucker Already,” a political statement whose proceeds benefit the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the International Refugee Assistance Program.

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Here are more pics from the Terry Miller Bruce LaBruce Tom of Finland shoot:

In addition to these items, the Tom of Finland store has also featured street gear, red wine, stylish hats and briefs by Boy Smells (all with Miller modeling them shirtless).

All of this gear celebrates gay men and sexuality in the spirit of Tom of Finland, the real-life artist whose drawings challenged the prevailing stereotypes of gay men as effeminate sissies during the ’70s and ’80s when homosexuality was still illegal and considered a form of mental illness.

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During his lifetime, Tom of Finland (real name Touko Laaksonen) experienced anti-gay violence by the police during their raids on public cruising areas, struggled against artistic censorship during his career and lost close friends in the AIDS epidemic.

Thus, in these political times when Trump is rolling back LGBTQ rights nationwide, Tom of Finland remains a defiantly sexy means of political visibility.

What do you think of these Terry Miller Bruce LaBruce shots?

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