5 ‘WTF?’ Moments From TV’s Original Run of Home Decorating Show ‘Trading Spaces’
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5 ‘WTF?’ Moments From TV’s Original Run of Home Decorating Show ‘Trading Spaces’

Written by Hornet User on April 10, 2018
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Trading Spaces, that hugely successful home design show that originally aired from 2000–2008 will return to television tonight on TLC. The format stays the same: Two neighbors redecorate one room in each others’ home with the help of a designer. The teams themselves have no say over how their homes are decorated — and they’re not even allowed to see what’s happening.

The only difference on this Trading Spaces reboot is that the teams will each get $2,000, increased from the original $1,000.

The fun of the show was always seeing what the designers came up with — good and bad. So in anticipation of tonight’s Trading Spaces premiere, I’ve put together a list of five rooms we loved to hate during the show’s original run.

1. Who knew a jungle room could be so tacky? (Hint: Everyone)

trading spaces jungle room 1

This safari-themed room designed by Doug Wilson is T-A-C-K-Y! Safari-chic was all the rage when Trading Spaces was in its heyday, and even I’ll admit to falling victim. To this day I live for a good palm print. But this? This is overboard. Why on earth would you ever block out the windows? And are those didgeridoos?

Trading Spaces Jungle ROom 2

2. A fireplace nightmare

Oh, Doug. While overall this room doesn’t necessarily make me want to scoop my eyeballs out, the couple didn’t want their fireplace touched. Well, guess what Doug did. When they found out he’d redone their fireplace, the woman had to leave the room to cry!

3. Frank’s creepy little girl is watching you!

trading spaces creepy toddler

Anyone remember the designer Frank Bielec, the older bear? His rooms were always so bad. It was like he shopped exclusively at craft fairs. But of all his bad rooms, this is one of his worst.

He painted the floor an ugly dark red that clashed with the light green walls, and in what universe would you want that hideous southwestern-style wall hanging? Let alone the creepy toddler painted on the wall!

trading spaces green room

4. A ‘Prison of Love’

Trading Spaces prison mural

Guess who?! It’s another barf-tastic room by Doug Wilson! This one features a prison mural and actual bars on the windows. He calls it his “Prison of Love.” I call it “Tacky AF.”

trading spaces prison wall

trading spaces toilet table

5. Oh, Hildi, no…

trading spaces hildi

Doug Wilson and Frank Bielec may have designed some pretty hideous rooms, but the most god-awful designs were done by one designer: Hildi Santo-Tomas. Just check out this room where she put a big, poorly drawn self-portrait on the wall:

Trading Spaces Heidi Head

Or this one where she nailed all the furniture to the ceiling:

trading spaces heidi furniture

Or how about the kitchen that looks like a murder scene?

trading spaces heidi murder kitchen

Or maybe you’d like to bring the nature indoors? Try putting sand on the floor!

trading spaces heidi floor sand

Is that … hay? On the wall?

Trading Spaces heidi hay wall

I can’t wait to watch all the tears and heartbreak when Trading Spaces returns tonight!

Did we miss your favorite Trading Spaces trainwreck? Let us know in the comments!

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