Jessica Chastain’s ‘What Even Matters Anymore’ SNL Sketch Is Basically All of Us

Jessica Chastain’s ‘What Even Matters Anymore’ SNL Sketch Is Basically All of Us

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Last night’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by Jessica Chastain, featured a particularly bleak sketch that felt like one of the most relevant things they’ve done in some time. The game show parody “What Even Matters Anymore” asks what Trump could do that would actually turn his base against him. And the answer isn’t good.

The sketch opens as a pretty straight-forward SNL game show parody. Jessica Chastain plays host Veronica Elders who introduces the premise of the bit. She’ll give examples of horrible things Trump has done, and ask whether or not it matters. The contestants (Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson) all have to ring in.

The opening of the sketch makes reference to the racist “shithole” controversy and the current sex scandal where he had an affair with a porn star as his son Baron was born. Predictably, the contestants buzz in and explain why it should matter, only to be told it doesn’t.

While SNL‘s been known for not taking many risks of late, it’s easy to imagine this will be the entire five-minute sketch. But instead, the bit goes further and further off the rails. “Veronica” starts throwing out hypotheticals like “The President builds a wall, but hires illegal immigrants to build it and he accidentally puts an unlocked door every ten feet. Would that matter?”

“Veronica” gets increasingly upset, leading to a final round where the contestants write down what they think would actually matter. (Our favorite: “Sex tape with Don Jr.”) Of course, nothing does, and pretty soon everyone drops character.

“Jessica,” McKinnon says.

“It’s Veronica Elders!” Chastain replies.

“Jessica, you don’t have to do this,” McKinnon says.

The actors try to console Chastain — though, as has been the case with most of us watching in horror as Trump keeps doing horrible things with no repercussions — it’s unsuccessful.

The entire sketch is worth watching… though you might need a stiff drink afterward.


Watch the “What Even Matters Anymore” SNL sketch below

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