‘Big Sweeping Changes’ Are Coming to the Next Season of ‘Will and Grace,’ Says Debra Messing

‘Big Sweeping Changes’ Are Coming to the Next Season of ‘Will and Grace,’ Says Debra Messing

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Today the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the HFPA) released the latest episode of its podcast The HFPA in Conversation with special guest Debra Messing, star of Will & Grace. Not only did she offer up some teasers for the highly anticipated Will & Grace revival Season 2 (aka Will & Grace Season 10) but she also shares a bit about the sitcom’s lasting cultural legacy.

The sitcom returned to the small screen with much fanfare back in September, and the first season of the Will & Grace revival was beloved by many (though some were turned off by how political its first episode was). Fans continued to rejoice when it was announced even before the first season aired that a second season of the revival would follow (technically Will & Grace Season 10), and yet again in March when a third season of the Will & Grace revival (Season 11) got the green light.

Big changes are coming to the series during the upcoming Will & Grace revival Season 2, says Messing: “You can expect big changes for all four characters. … Grace is getting a love interest, which I’m looking very forward to. … Karen is getting divorced, Will is changing jobs and Jack is getting married … big sweeping changes, so that means there’s going to be all kinds of new things to play with and joke about.”

Back in April, following the finale of the Will & Grace revival’s first season, Hornet spoke with Brian Jordan Alvarez about playing Jack’s new fiancé. Here’s hoping we get to see plenty more of Alvarez in Will & Grace Season 10!

On the HFPA podcast Messing also called out the series’ “extraordinary guest stars.” She confirms that not only is Alec Baldwin coming back, but as Hornet announced last week, Chelsea Handler will be playing a “power lesbian” on the new season.

“She’s the perfect kind of actor to come and play in our playground,” Messing says of Handler.

Messing also had poignant words while discussing the cultural impact of a show like Will & Grace.

“It became apparent that the show was politically and socially relevant in a way that surprised all of us, and it was a source of enormous pride for me,” she says. “We tried to use our platform on that show to pass gay marriage when it was on, but it didn’t work … so years later when Vice President Biden said that he supported gay marriage and he felt that Will & Grace did more for the cause than anything else in society … other than the birth of my child that was the proudest moment of my life.”

Debra Messing will soon be appearing in the film Searching alongside John Cho (a thriller about a missing teen) and this month turns 50, about which she says, “I’m enjoying being at a place in my life where I can say ‘no’ to things and not feel guilty.”

Listen to Debra Messing discuss the Will & Grace revival Season 2 (or is it Will & Grace Season 10?) and other episodes of The HFPA in Conversation here.

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