The Uncanny X-Men Are Getting a Soft Reboot, Featuring Nightcrawler as a Hot Daddy Comics

The Uncanny X-Men Are Getting a Soft Reboot, Featuring Nightcrawler as a Hot Daddy

Written by Arnie Ross on August 30, 2018
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Marvel Comics’ solicitation of the returning, renumbered title Uncanny X-Men #1, hitting stores this November, marks the beginning of the Major Mutant Event called “X-Men Disassembled.” And while it’s sure to be an exciting (and potentially heartbreaking) new story arc, one character in particular happened to catch our eye: Nightcrawler, who’s now apparently a hot daddy.

The issue contains Part 1 of the 10-part, multi-title crossover. Promotional images for “X-Men Disassembled” feature nearly every mutant to ever wear the “X,” including Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Honey Badger, X-23, Gentle, Trinary, Multiple Man, Domino, Jubilee, Bishop, Beast, Shark Girl, Rachel Summers, Glob Herman, Surge, Prodigy, Sunfire, Firestar, Armor, Husk, Eye-Boy, Shatterstar, Nature Girl, Wolfsbane, Rockslide, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Pixie, Archangel, Cannonball, Oya, Kid Apocalypse, BAMF, Warpath, Psylocke, Magik, Dazzler, Havok, Colossus, Forge, Sunspot, Hellion, Dust, Sunspot, Magma, Cessily Kincaid, Doug Ramsey, Boom Boom, Northstar, Polaris and Anole … pant … pant ….

“X-Men Disassembled” will see every mutant on Earth uniting to stop a threat to their very existence. Marvel promises a tale filled with “mystery and tragic disappearance,” and not every mutant will make it out of alive.

x-men disassembled bearded nightcrawler cover

But back to Uncanny X-Men #1. The cover, by Leinil Frances Yu and Edgar Delgado, features the newly “assembled” (see what I did there?) X-Men team, including:

  • Time-hopping mutant Bishop
  • Everyone’s favorite purple-haired ninja, Psylocke, who is somehow back in her Caucasian body
  • Storm, rocking a ponytail and a new costume
  • The recently resurrected adult Jean Grey
  • X-23, formerly the new Wolverine and formerly X-23
  • Furry blue super-scientist The Beast
  • Out-and-proud Iceman
  • Jubilee, who looks to be sporting her classic X-Men the Animated Series look
  • Fresh off the USAvengers, Cannonball
  • and Nightcrawler, who is now rocking a hot daddy look, including full beard and a stockier build

“So what? Nightcrawler has a beard? Who cares?” you may ask.

The internet, that’s who.

With titles X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold ending in September, Uncanny X-Men and the “X-Men Disassembled” story arc has some big shoes to fill in Marvel’s overall comic release line, especially where mutant misadventures are concerned. With Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar and Pere Perez at the creative helm, I have high hopes.

Are you excited for “X-Men Disassembled”? What do you think of bearded Nightcrawler?

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