7 YouTube Gaymers Definitely Worth Checking Out

7 YouTube Gaymers Definitely Worth Checking Out

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Gaming is a popular topic on YouTube. There are countless channels devoted to game reviews and let’s play videos. But most of them are nowhere near gay enough. So to celebrate Pride, we’ve compiled a list of a few YouTube gaymers that are definitely worth watching.

Below are seven of our favorite Youtube gaymers:

Press ‘A’ to Gay

Press ‘A’ to Gay is a team effort by four gaymers named Tony, Mal, Fiona and Chaz.

The four of them mainly do laid-back let’s play videos with a heavy dose of humor, infectious enthusiasm and charm.

They cover a wide spread of games in different genres, from recent horror hit Resident Evil VII to indie interactive fiction Night in the Woods to the obscure Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill.

The channel updates several times a week, so if you’re looking for regularly updated content, they’re a reliable option.

Adam Koebel

Adam Koebel is the bearded, pink-haired co-author of tabletop fantasy game Dungeon World. He also runs a YouTube gaming channel with tons of let’s play videos and the occasional vlog. He’s a huge role playing fan and his let’s plays reflect it, with entries on Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy XV, Earthbound and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He’s also interested in those strange, messy things called human relationships.

Koebel defines himself as queer in his Twitter profile and says he doesn’t like clear-cut labels.

Heather Alexandra

Heather Alexandra is trans and in addition to the playing of games like Suikoden III, Skies of Arcadia and Shadow of the Colossus, she also produces videos putting a critical lens to video games. She also does short retrospectives on older, obscure or forgotten games.


Tye is an English teacher (according to comments he makes in his videos) and an LGBTQ gamer who mostly churns out let’s plays. What makes him unique, though, is that in addition to LP standbys like Fallout 4 and Rimworld, he hits weird, obscure titles like Goat Petting Simulator, and Santa Makeover.

Tye also seeks out LGBTQ games, so he’s a good candidate to follow if you want to find out about lesser-known queer indie games.


Ellaguro, a YouTube channel run by Liz Ryerson, focuses on early-90s FPS games, mainly Doom. Liz really, really really likes Doom.

Liz’s videos go beyond casual let’s plays; she gets in depth with commentary on design aspects of the game she plays.


Brutalmoose’s (a.k.a. Ian Macleod) YouTube channel is good for a blast of nostalgia, focusing on retro PC games like Road Rash, Pajama Sam and the Oregon Trail series. He’s got a high subscriber account, so his videos are a little better put-together than many YouTubers’, with solid editing.


MrKravin’s channel focuses mainly on horror LPs. He hits the big names, like Silent Hill and the obligatory Five Nights at Freddy’s series, but he takes care to highlight good and bad indie horror. He uses a face-cam, but unlike many popular YouTube let’s players, he doesn’t mug or scream excessively.

Strongly recommended for gamers who like spooky stuff, or anyone who wants to see a big bearded bear jump.

Do you follow any of these youtube gaymers? Are there any of your favorite LGBTQ YouTubers we missed? Let us know.

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