Zachary Quinto Just Made His Drag Debut — and You’ll Never Guess Who His Drag Mother Is!

Zachary Quinto Just Made His Drag Debut — and You’ll Never Guess Who His Drag Mother Is!

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Zachary Quinto is one of the most high profile out actors in Hollywood. But he’s never unleashed his inner drag queen in public — before today. The Star Trek star put his fate in the hands of Drag Race queen Eureka O’Hara in the latest installment of Them’s makeover series, “Drag Me.”

Quinto, who recently completed a run on Broadway in a revival of The Boys in the Band, revealed he’s only done drag once before. He also shared that he only came out to his family when he was 24, but joked he’s since “made up for lost time.”

Eureka share drag tips, some of which may not be pertinent to Quinto — like “When you’re fat and you’re in studio lighting, you always want to touch up consistently.”

The dynamic duo try on some slinky ensembles and manage to camouflage Quinto’s legendary bushy brows, but another problems arises: “I think my tuck popped!” Another application of duct tape and a visit by Quinto’s boyfriend, Myles McMillan, and the world is finally ready to meet his drag persona, Noa Fence. (We would have gone with Liv Longen-Prosper, but whatever.)

Earlier this month Quinto revealed he’s been decompressing a bit since Boys closed.

“I’ve learned about myself that I definitely need time and perspective to really be able to digest — especially with a play,” he told WWD. “When you do the same thing every night for months on end, there is a kind of physical invasion about the experience — it gets into your body. And that takes time to work out and to let go of. I do feel like this [coming] month for me is about that — I need to step away and look back.”

Watch Eureka O’Hara give Zachary Quinto a drag makeover below.

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