These 10 Sexy Ginger Guys Get Us Hot and Bothered

These 10 Sexy Ginger Guys Get Us Hot and Bothered

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What is it about ginger guys that get so many gays worked up? (The fetish for redheads is called rutiluphilia, in case you were wondering.) At only 1-2% of the world’s population — a number that is constantly decreasing due to the nature of the recessive gene that causes red hair — some of their allure among non-gingers likely has to do with that rarity.

In honor of these rare beasts, we’ve decided to pay tribute to some of our favorite redheads — sexy stars of music, film, television and sports, even a royal redhead.

Here are 10 sexy ginger guys who really get us hot and bothered:

1. Prince Harry

The younger son of Charles and Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Harry, 32, is only the fifth in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth II (after his father, older brother William and William’s two children), but that’s royal enough for us. Even better, this 6’2″ strapping lad is constantly making headlines for his charitable work. Just this past December, on World AIDS Day, Harry was in Barbados as part of a Caribbean tour and took an HIV test with Rihanna.

2. Tim Kruger

What can we say about this sexy German adult film star that you don’t already know from surfing the web for porn? His red hair and milky-white skin tends to photograph rather well, don’t you think? And of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s packing some major heat downstairs, if you catch our drift. These days you can keep up with Kruger via his own porn outlet, (link obviously NSFW), where he has fun on-camera and behind the scenes.

3. KJ Apa

Technically this New Zealand actor is only a redhead when he’s starring as Archie in The CW’s recent reconfiguring of Archie Comics, Riverdale. The series has thus far been a hit with critics and audiences alike, not least of which because Apa — as “America’s favorite teenager” — boasts some serious abs beneath his football jersey. You’re sure to be seeing a lot more of this 19-year-old, as Riverdale has already been picked up for a second season and we wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually crossed over to the big screen.

4. Leif Kristian Haugen

This Norwegian Olympic skier is damn easy on the eyes, even when you’re checking him out from behind (link NSFW). This 29-year-old is a World Cup alpine skier, and while he has no Olympic medals yet, it’s only a matter of time. In 2017 he’s ranked the number 17 skier in the world, and he’s ranked sixth (!) in the Giant Slalom event.

5. Josh Homme

We can’t resist a sexy ginger man who knows how to rock out, and Homme fits that bill as the 6’4″ founding member — and lead singer and guitarist — of Queens of the Stone Age. Homme also co-founded Eagles of Death Metal, though he generally only plays drums and bass on that group’s studio recordings. (He wasn’t present at that band’s horribly ill-fated show at the Bataclan the night of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.)

6. Damian Lewis

This sexy Brit is most famous for portraying Marine-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody on Showtime’s hit show Homeland. But he was also recognized by the Golden Globes for his work on the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and his portrayal of Henry VIII in Wolf Hall. These days you can see him on the show Billions, and in 2018 he’ll appear in Ocean’s Eight.

7. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

One of the world’s most famous professional stock car racing drivers, Earnhardt Jr. is a two-time winner of the Daytona 500 (in 2004 and again in 2014) and has won the Most Popular Driver Award (we’ll be honest — we didn’t know that was a thing) every single year since 2003. Did we mention that he comes with a net worth of $300 million? This is one sexy ginger guy who could take us for a spin anytime.

8. Conan O’Brien

We definitely have a thing for guys who can make us laugh, and few sexy ginger guys have us rolling on the floor like O’Brien does. Another tall guy, standing at 6’4″, he’s currently the longest working late-night show host in the United States (for 22 years now). O’Brien definitely has a comedy pedigree, too, having served as president of The Harvard Lampoon while in school there and at one point writing for both Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons. You can catch Conan weeknights on TBS.

9. Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie may no longer be with us — technically making Ziggy Stardust the only posthumous entry on our list — but since music never dies, we think his inclusion is more than fair. The persona that Bowie adopted — a glam rock, sexually ambiguous and gender-defying alien — didn’t last for long, but the influence this character has had since the ’72 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is undeniable.

10. Blake Griffin

This ginger basketball player from Oklahoma City is one of the world’s most popular redheaded athletes. Since 2009 he’s played for the L.A. Clippers, and he’s a five-time NBA all-star. But he’s not just talented; he’s also a giver. For every dunk Griffin makes during the season, he donates $100 to fight childhood obesity as part of the “Dunking for Dollars” program. Griffin is also the tallest sexy ginger guy on our list — by far — at 6’10”.

What did you think of our list of sexy gingers? Any other guys you’d want to add? Let us know.

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