The 20 Most Read Stories on Hornet in 2017

The 20 Most Read Stories on Hornet in 2017

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Yeah, 2017 was garbage, but there were a few bright spots. And Hornet was here to keep our users informed on what was going on in the worlds of news, culture, entertainment, health, travel and more. Hornet stories span the gamut of news items of interest to queer men.

From sexy photography and Nazi-doxxing to some ace Drag Race moments and a new iteration of the Pride flag that had some people hella pissed, it was quite a year for Hornet stories.

Here are the most read Hornet stories of 2017:


20. This Photographer Celebrates Positive Body Image with Nudes of Large, Diverse Men

We’re suckers for sexy gay photography, and this ongoing pet project of Anthony Patrick Manieri promotes and celebrates body-positive images for men.

“We as a culture are bombarded with what is considered to be beautiful and acceptable through television, movies, advertising and the dominant juggernaut of social media,” Manieri says on his website.


19. This Twitter Account Is Trying to #NameTheNazis, and It’s Doing a Pretty Good Job

In response to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which neo-Nazis clashed violently with counter-protesters at the University of Virginia, the Twitter account “Yes You’re Racist” posted a number of riot photos. The photos appeared with a call for followers to identify people marching on the Neo-Nazi side.


18. Here Are the 5 Absolute Worst Lip Syncs from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Ever

Written up shortly after Valentina was sent packing on Drag Race Season 9, this article combed the archives of Drag Race herstory and came up with a worst five list, in chronological order. In the words of RuPaul, “Drag is not a contact sport.”


17. ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Has Been Reimagined With Hot, Burly Bears

Mario? More like Daddy-o. Woof.


16. Hillary Clinton Made a Surprise Appearance and Gave a Eulogy at Edie Windsor’s Funeral

In September, Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the funeral of Edie Windsor, the civil rights activist who died at the age of 88.

Clinton began her eulogy by asking, “Doesn’t it just feel great being here to honor and remember someone who had such a positive, lasting influence on our country and the world?”


15. Pink Honors Androgynous Rock Stars in Emotional Speech Dedicated to Her Bullied Daughter

Hardly the only time we covered the goings-on of Pink in our Hornet stories, this article was praise for what was one of the best MTV VMAs speeches of all time: “And you, my darling girl, are beautiful, and I love you.”


14. 18 Gay Trainers to Follow on Instagram for New and Improved Fitness Goals

Find your new gymspirations.


13. Pink Posts Epic Response to Lady Gaga’s High-Flying Halftime Show

What’s more lovely than #WomenSupportingWomen?

Pink’s trolling of the orange demon that is Donald Trump at the end of her statement, which was posted to Instagram shortly after Lady Gaga’s amazing routine.


12. Staff at Cirque Du Soleil’s Vegas Show Kicked a Trans Woman Out of a Restroom

One of our most popular Hornet stories from July, a transgender woman shared her experience with us about being kicked out of the women’s restroom by the staff at Cirque Du Soleil’s show at the New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas.

“I don’t know if you understand how scary it is for a newly transitioning person to use a women’s room,” she said.


11. Another Reason to Celebrate Doug Jones’ Victory: We’ll See More of His Hot Gay Son

Gay men are quite intrigued by the  scruffy good looks politics of Carson Jones, the openly gay son of Alabama’s new Senator, Doug Jones. As if it wasn’t sweet enough that Roy Moore got taken down like the child molester he is. (Also, check out our sit-down with Carson Jones here.)


10. There’s a Video Game Where You Avoid Cops While Giving Bathroom Blowjobs

A video game that teaches gay history and challenges the targeting of LGBTQ individuals by law enforcement, all while you cruise for guys with meaty ‘guns’ in a grimy bathroom? We’re sold. The Tearoom, created by Robert Yang, is based off a month-long police sting directed at gay men that took place in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1962. The object of the game is simple: make eye contact, make love, don’t get caught.


9. Violet Chachki ‘Physically Dragged Out’ of Paris Gay Sex Club for Not Being Masc Enough

While attending Paris Fashion Week in October, Violet Chachki was physically dragged out of Paris’ biggest gay sex club, Le Dépôt. Why? Because, she claims, she was not masc-presenting enough. While not in drag, she was wearing makeup upon entering the club, which she was immediately carried out by four men.

Thanks to our editorial team in Paris, Hornet was able to break this story. Ain’t nobody got time for femme-shaming.


8. Why is Wendy Williams Hosting the ‘Drag Race’ Viewing Party for VH1?

Wendy Williams has a sordid history with the LGBT community, with many instances of transphobia and anti-drag bullshit. This is precisely why we were all hella confused when she popped up on our TV screens for the RPDR viewing party. Alaska Thunderfuck, Detox and other queens shared their thoughts on Williams’ role as host to a community she had previously shunned.


7. Bianca Del Rio Reads Anti-Gay Candace Cameron Bure to Filth on Instagram

Don’t ? mess ? with ? Bianca ? Del Rio.

That should pretty much be common knowledge by now. Full House star and notorious Christian conservative Candace Cameron Bure could’ve used said advice in March when she posted a pic on Instagram wearing a “Not today, Satan” T-shirt — a catchphrase made famous by Del Rio on Season 6 of Drag Race.


6. Men Who Love Men But Who Don’t Want to Be Called ‘Gay’ Are Now Opting for This Odd Label

Apparently 2017 was the year that being called GAY was just TOO GAY for some GAY GUYS, who no longer wanted to be called GAY GUYS because it sounded TOO GAY, so they started calling themselves androphiles, while continuing to be MEN SLEEPING WITH MEN, just like other GAY MEN.

Did all that hurt your head? Good. Now you understand how stupid this sounds.


5. Alaska Thunderfuck Pens Honest Letter to the Next Winner of ‘Drag Race’

Alaska’s letter, written exclusively for us, was one of our favorite Hornet stories of the year.

A snippet: “People often ask me who I think RuPaul will crown as America’s Next Drag Superstar this Friday night. My response is, ‘The Winner, of course.’ Whoever is chosen will win the crown, the scepter, a sickening supply of Anastasia of Beverly Hills cosmetics and, of course, millions and millions of dollars. But there is more to being told, “You’re a winner, baby…”


4. Why Valentina’s Lip Sync on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Is Really Important

Written the morning after Valentina’s now-infamous departure from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, this piece celebrates that crazy moment as one of the best drag moments of 2017 while lamenting the fact that — like RuPaul herself — we really thought Valentina was going to go all the way.


3. The Next Time You Crave Chicken, Remember That Chick-fil-A Is Still Very Much Anti-Gay

After years and years of publicly decrying same-sex marriage, the good ol’ Christain fellas at Chick-fil-A had reportedly ceased donations to anti-LGBT organizations. That would have been fine and dandy had it been true.

Moral of the story: Get your greasy, bland chicken sandwiches somewhere else in 2018.


2. Philly’s Pride Flag Is About to Get Two New Black and Brown Stripes, and Here’s Why

Change is necessary for progress. And in a year under Trump’s very white, very straight rule, it has become clear that the LGBTQ community needed to work even harder to fight for all marginalized communities.

During Pride in Philadelphia, a brown and a black stripe were added to the Pride flag, meant to represent queer POC and the struggles they face, both outside and within the LGBTQ community. The flag was met with passionate praise by some, condemnation by others, and our Facebook page became one the topic’s main war zones.


1. These Ads for Women’s Suits Are Going Viral for Using Naked Men as Props

Funny enough, when it comes to Hornet stories, our most read article of the year isn’t technically gay news. But that doesn’t mean it’s not queer AF. Suistudio is a womenswear company focused on creating suits for women. In its FW17 campaign, the brand challenged not only gender roles in fashion, but also in advertising. The ads featured women front and center, sporting badass suits, while men become just another object in the photo, naked, blurred and largely off-camera.


Happy New Year from Hornet!


What were your favorite Hornet stories of 2017? Let us know by commenting below or shoot us a tweet @hornetstories.

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