Do You Like Dirty Movies? The HUMP! Film Festival 2019 Is Now Touring the U.S.

Do You Like Dirty Movies? The HUMP! Film Festival 2019 Is Now Touring the U.S.

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Making porn stars out of regular people for more than a decade now, the HUMP! Film Festival 2019 is currently touring the United States, having already made weekend-long stops in Albuquerque, Palm Springs and Bellingham, Washington. Next up is Los Angeles, as the festival stops at the city’s Downtown Independent Theatre for the first two weekends in March.

After Los Angeles, HUMP! Film Festival will make stops in 33 additional cities throughout North America.

What is the HUMP! Film Festival? Since 2005, it has collected short pornographic films, each under five minutes in length, created by amateur filmmakers, and screens them to a kinky, smut-loving audience. While it’s not a strictly queer porn film fest, the curated selection of films always feature stars of all body types, sexualities, ages, colors and kinks.

In fact, if there was one term that perfectly summed up the HUMP! Film Festival, it’d be “sex-positive.” Its mission, so stated on the film fest’s website, is to “change the way America sees — and makes and shares — porn.”

Check out the trailer for HUMP! Film Festival 2019 below (or click here):

Sex columnist and podcaster Dan Savage is the man behind the festival, which began in Seattle, having said that he wanted to see whether people now would watch porn flicks in the dark while sitting next to strangers — “like their grandparents did.”

Every year Savage and his HUMP! Film Festival team go through more than 100 submissions, choosing a diverse array of short films. Some will make you cringe, some are likely to get you hot and bothered, and some will undoubtedly make you laugh, whatever your own sexual identity.

Check out some of this year’s HUMP! Film Festival offerings:


“A horny Boy Scout goes on a nighttime hike in the woods. Inspired by the gay erotic film Pink Narcissus.”

Extreme Wild Fuck… (Winner, “Best Sex”)

“An amateur couple mountaintop fuck fest. When you set out for a hike, you never know what you’ll ‘come’ across on top of the mountain.”

Task Master

“An obedient sub takes the term ‘Dirty Boy’ to a whole new level. Chatting online can get messy.”

Whatever Floats Your Goat (Runner Up, “Best Humor”)

It’s never a dull day in the dairy room, but when a strange new breed of goat shows up this morning, our milkmaid will have to work extra hard to get that milk!


“Your favorite middle school game has turned into a big basement bang fest. You can almost hear the parents yelling, ‘What’s going on down there?’”

Troughman (Winner, “Best Humor”)

A man tries to build up the courage to ask another man to piss on him in the Leather Stallion restroom trough.

Porn Yesterday (Winner, “Jury Award”)

“A look at how terrible adults were at hiding porn and how good we were at finding it.”

For more information on HUMP! Film Festival, and to purchase tickets in your town, head here.

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