#ThisWeekInThirst: NYC’s Hottest Fetish Party, Darren Criss Swims Naked and Antoni Porowski Strips (Again) Entertainment

#ThisWeekInThirst: NYC’s Hottest Fetish Party, Darren Criss Swims Naked and Antoni Porowski Strips (Again)

Written by Danny Addice on April 28, 2018
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This was one long week. From Kanye’s epic Twitter meltdown to Trump’s new goal of destroying sex ed for students, we can all agree that we definitely need a break from it all. And what better way to take that break than by rounding up the sexiest people, places, and things from this past week and oogling them.

From queer musician Nakhane’s sensual and sexy music video, which was (ridiculously) censored by YouTube to Glee alum Darren Criss showing off his bare booty jumping off cliffs. We also saw some pretty steamy parties from NYC and Seattle. And this week’s #HornetGuy is femme, fierce and not taking any BS.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

These 20 Pics From Black Party 2018 Offer a Look Inside NYC’s Legendary Fetish Event

New York City’s hottest club is … Black Party (seriously).


This Week’s #HornetGuy, Rafael, Stands Up Against Discrimination of Femme Guys

“As much as I look serious, I’m a person who loves to see the good of other people.”


Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh Expose Their Furry Chests to Promote Their YouTube Series on Watch What Happens Live

“I’m just gonna attach my mic to my chest hair.”


42 Pics of Sexy, Sweaty, Shirtless Guys Dancing at Indulge, Seattle’s Hottest Circuit Party

Everyone feels free to take off their shirts and dance, no matter what they look like.


Heartthrob Darren Criss Goes Skinny Dipping and Show Off His Booty for New Film Smitten

Look, it’s a full moon!



In His New Book of Poetry, Nico Tortorella Tackles Topics of Gender, Drugs and His Own Penis

The highest form of thirst is thirsty poetry.Nakhane


South African Singer Nakhane’s Latest Music Video Was Deemed Too Hot for YouTube

A total banger accompanied by a beautiful video, which was censored by YouTube, presumably because it features queer content, and not for breaking guidelines, as there are thousands of hetero music vids that are much more risque.


Here’s What Happens When ‘Top Model’ Nyle DiMarco Catches You Sneaking Photos of Him

He’s as beautiful as he is funny.


Queer Eye’s Resident Thirst Trap Antoni Porowski Strips for Another Sexy Photoshoot

That’s not how you paint, silly Antoni!


What do you think of #ThisWeekInThirst? Did we miss anything particularly sexy? Do you hope Antoni Porowski strips again? Sound off in the comments section below.

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