Beyoncé Stands Accused of ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ and ‘Dark Magic’ by Former Drummer

Beyoncé Stands Accused of ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ and ‘Dark Magic’ by Former Drummer

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Kimberly Thompson was Beyoncé’s drummer for seven years. But now Thompson is suing Queen Bey, alleging Beyoncé controlled her with “dark magic” and “extreme witchcraft,” among other claims. Thompson is requesting a restraining order.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Kimberly Thompson accuses Beyoncé of tormenting her. She says Beyoncé has used “magic spells of sexual molestation,” murdered her pet kitten and is the cause of “loss of MANY jobs, theft of homes, large losses of money … and extreme theft of intellectual properties.” Beyoncé’s drummer also accuses her of putting “magic spells on my lovers” leading to “numerous broken relationships.”

The documents also allege that Beyoncé has Kimberly Thompson’s phones tapped and is controlling her finances. According to Pitchfork, a judge denied Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order on Sept. 19, but a new hearing is scheduled for Oct. 11.

An excerpt of the documents filed by Kimberly Thompson, who was Beyoncé’s drummer of seven years, courtesy of

Thompson has also posted now-deleted videos to her YouTube channel, including one where she speaks about “mean” people, which may or may not refer to Beyoncé. Currently the only videos that remain are performances of her solo music and some earlier vlogs.

Kimberly Thompson, from the cover of her solo album, ‘Treasures Abound’

In addition to her seven years as Beyoncé’s drummer, Thompson also played with Fred Armisen’s The 8G Band on Late Night With Seth Meyers for the first season of the show. She’s also drummed for Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z, as well as Bey’s previous band Destiny’s Child and bandmate Kelly Rowland. Outside of the Beyoncé family, she’s also drummed with George Michael and Kanye West.

Kimberly Thompson also leads her own band, the Kimberly Thompson Quintet, which has performed at New York‘s Jazz and Colors festival. She’s also in the band for a musical produced by The Dodgers and Tommy Mottola about Donna Summer.

What do you think about Kimberly Thompson, Beyoncé’s drummer, and her claims of “extreme witchcraft”?

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