Bob the Drag Queen Enters the Fracas, Slams Azealia Banks for Trump Support

Bob the Drag Queen Enters the Fracas, Slams Azealia Banks for Trump Support

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Bob the Drag Queen, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8, called out rapper Azealia Banks for supporting President Donald Trump and appropriating black queer culture in a song in which he, frankly, reads her for filth. This Bob the Drag Queen Azealia Banks diss track follows the deactivation of the rapper’s Twitter account just days after she accused RuPaul’s song “Call Me Mother” of directly ripping off her own song “The Big Big Beat.” Shortly thereafter, Banks also posted tweets ranting against “white gays” and fellow Drag Race competitor Monét X Change.

In his video, Bob begins, “I know I’m about a day late, but I wanted to take a minute to weigh in on this Azealia Banks ‘The Big Big Beat’ / ‘Call Me Mother’ controversy because it’s actually a conversation much larger than those two songs.”

The Bob the Drag Queen Azealia Banks diss track was released on Bob’s YouTube yesterday

He continues, “Something that’s quite common in queer black culture is that our culture is so underground and has roots that are hard to trace so people like to come in and co-opt ideas from black queer culture and act like it’s their own idea. Now [these songs are] house music. House music didn’t start with Azealia Banks. House music is from the early ‘80s in Chicago when disco was fading out but you still needed something to dance to. So people — groups like Future or Frankie Knuckles — would make these amazing tracks that really caught on. So in the black queer community in Chicago it became huge and big and expansive.”

Then Bob turns to the topic at hand. “So in this moment, I wanna talk directly to you, Azealia Banks,” he says. “Azealia Amanda Banks from Harlem, New York. Listen, since you’re so interested in co-opting black queer culture and propagating it as your own, I think it’s time to drag you deep into the miasma of one of black queer culture’s greatest traditions: reading.”

A music track starts and Bob the Drag Queen proceeds to give Banks a piece of his mind.

Here is the Bob the Drag Queen Azealia Banks diss track video:

Banks had endorsed Trump during the election and said she was “proud” of him after winning, and wrote, “I am TRULY inspired by this and feel deep amounts of vindication. … We beat the liberal media! Grab me by the pussy! I’m just sooooooo relieved. I’ve dealt with SO MUCH bullshit on behalf of the liberal media and to have someone beat the liberal media is just so refreshing and Inspiring.”

Banks also called Trump her “FUCKING HERO” (all caps hers).

So while you really should hear Bob’s Azealia Banks diss track for yourself, among his most memorable lines are the following:

You think Trump gives a fuck ‘bout you? He fucked Omarosa and he’d do it to you. Are you for real, n-gga? What’s the deal, n-gga? You see, to Donald Trump, you’re just another field n-gga…. when you vote for Trump, you vote against my rights….

Listen, Amanda. I’mma have to demand a tiny shred of respect — fuck the propaganda. You take our music, our clothes, our rags and shit, get on a plane, turn around, call us fags and shit. Was at L.A. Pride under the flag and shit? Gig’s up — I’m done. Time to drag the bitch. Time to drop the gay bomb and bring the pain. You’re not a color on the flag, you’re a motherfucking stain.

Banks would normally respond to an attack like this via Twitter, but since her account has been deactivated, we guess we’ll have to keep our eyes on her Instagram to see if she claps back.

What do you think of this Bob the Drag Queen Azealia Banks diss track? Sound off in the comments.

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