‘Bob’s Burgers’ Bleakening Christmas Special Is Already a Queer Holiday Classic

‘Bob’s Burgers’ Bleakening Christmas Special Is Already a Queer Holiday Classic

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Bob’s Burgers is a truly excellent show that mixes humor with earned sentimentality (something we haven’t seen since Futurama) and it usually brings its A-game to holiday episodes. As strong as some of their other holiday episodes have been, the Bob’s Burgers ‘Bleakening’ Christmas episode should be mandatory on any queer holiday watch-list.

To discuss the episode, we’ll be getting into some spoiler territory. We’ll try our best to tip-toe around spoilers as much as we can — but honestly, you should watch the episode anyway — it’s a good one.

The episode was the show’s first hour-long episode, and (unsurprisingly) a musical. It features a subplot where the town’s gay bar, The Wiggle Room, closes. Naturally, that means that this episode’s going to focus on its queer characters. In this case, brunch-blogger Dalton Crespin (voiced by John Early) and trans sex workers Marbles and Marshmallow (voiced by Jack McBrayer and David Herman respectively.)

It should be noted that there’s some controversy over Marbles and Marshmallow. Some people are hurt that the show’s trans characters play into the stereotype of being sex workers. However, others find the way they’re treated with complete acceptance — particularly fan-favorite Marshmallow — refreshing.

Without going into too much detail, the episode climaxes in a queer rave. The gorgeously animated set piece features a drag queen singing a disco-glam Christmas song. Miss Triple X-Mas, known the rest of the year as Cleavage to Beaver, is voiced by Todrick Hall. And her song, “Twinkly Lights” is catchy, funny and above all, warmly moving — sort of like Bob’s Burgers itself.

Here’s how it goes:

Twinkly lights
Shine. If one of them goes out, then none of them light.
Whoa, or at least that’s how It used to be
Now the LED’s work a little bit differently,
But you know what I mean.

Twinkly lights, twinkly lights
That’s what makes Christmas bright
All different colors, and all different types
I mean, sure there are a lot of white lights
But you need an assortment of lights
To do it right.
And when they want to tell us that we’re all wrong
I’m here to tell you that we’re all lights.

It’s safe to say the song is a hit — covers are already starting to appear on YouTube:

It’s the perfect addition to your Christmas mix.

Watch the Bob’s Burgers Christmas episode outro with “Twinkly Lights” below:


The Bob’s Burgers Christmas episode is available on Hulu.

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