Get Your Boys Love Manga Fix With These Top Titles and Swoon-Worthy Stories

Get Your Boys Love Manga Fix With These Top Titles and Swoon-Worthy Stories

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Japanese Boys Love manga (BL) has been steadily gaining popularity over the past decade.

For the non-indoctrinated, this type of manga depicts exactly what one would assume: the romance and sexual tension between two men.

The genre was developed by a group of women in the 1970s — often called the “Year 24 Group” by critics and journalists — and has only gotten more and more widespread, reaching international audiences as well.

Once existing in the underground/subculture spheres, Boys Love manga has grown into a fully developed and well-loved genre, with a global audience and accessibility.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Boys Love manga so you can dive right into your new favorite genre.


Thoughtful and poignant, Given is a highly acclaimed story of four boys in a band. The ongoing series, currently collected in six volumes, deals with themes of love and grief as well as new beginnings. It’s also been made into an anime.

BookRiot says that Given “will grab your feels and refuse to let go.”

I Hear The Sunspot

Kohei, a young man with hearing loss, and Taichi, extroverted but impossibly alone, meet and grow close in this gem of a story. Though the romance is subtle, the characters are well and carefully developed.

My Summer of You

This two-volume series starts with The Summer of You and finishes up with The Summer With You. Chiharu and Wataru become fast friends through their mutual love of movies — and eventually Chiharu confesses his love. Though Wataru doesn’t seem to reciprocate at first, as time goes on he begins to question his feelings. A slightly angsty slow burn.

Our Dining Table

Evocative, sweet and truly heartwarming, Our Dining Table is about a man who cooks delicious food but has trouble eating around others. When he meets brothers Minoru and Tane, everything changes.

Go For It, Nakamura!

Shy, introverted high schooler Nakamura falls for the dynamic Hirose — who doesn’t know he exists. This sweet romantic comedy-flavored Boys Love manga has a nostalgic vibe and a ton of pining.

One reviewer says, “This is honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever read. You can’t help but to fall in love with Nakamura and hope the best for him. All the characters in this book are extremely lovable, and the ’80s art style really is charming. I highly recommend this book.” We agree!

What’s your favorite Boys Love manga title?

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