Caitlyn Jenner Just Told a U.K. Audience She Never Supported Trump, But We’ve Got the Receipts

Caitlyn Jenner Just Told a U.K. Audience She Never Supported Trump, But We’ve Got the Receipts

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On Friday’s episode of U.K. chat show The Last Leg, Caitlyn Jenner and Lily Allen were the guests. For the most part, the episode was uncontroversial, however, when Jenner was asked how she, as a trans woman, can support the Trump administration, she denied it. The official Caitlyn Jenner Donald Trump policy is that she never supported the President — even though she clearly did.

The Last Leg, a live Channel 4 chat show, features questions from the home audience via the #IsItOK Twitter hashtag. Twitter user Betty BooHoo asked, “ that Caitlyn supported an administration that has, and continues to be, against the LGBTQ+ community?”

In response, Caitlyn blamed the media for “creating” her support for Trump — and then goes on to say economy is doing well and the Trump administration has led to the lowest unemployment rates for black people and women. Technically, the unemployment rate for black people is the lowest it’s been since at least 1972, black employment is not up to match. Similarly, the women’s statistic also has a big old asterisk; though the rate is increasing, the Trump administration has seen the smallest increase since 2012, and it’s below the historical norm dating back to 1964.

Caitlyn Jenner seen wearing a MAGA hat

But more importantly — Caitlyn Jenner has definitely supported Trump, even though she’s said she didn’t before. Even discounting her defense of Trump that immediately followed her saying that she’s never supported him, she’s been spotted wearing MAGA hats — even though she said it was a “mistake.” She attended his inauguration, said “Trump seems to be very much for women. He seems very much behind the LGBT community” and has repeatedly defended him.

To be fair, Jenner has condemned the military trans ban, says she denounces Trump and said that he’s set back the trans community 20 years — but also pretended to be shocked by Trump’s queerphobia. She even told Diane Sawyer she’s “coming after” anti-LGBT Republicans… but, uh, we haven’t seen it.

But still, we’d have more respect for Jenner (admittedly, a very small amount), if she’d just own up to her past mistakes rather than trying to play both sides.

Watch the Caitlyn Jenner Donald Trump comments below

Why doesn’t she just own the Caitlyn Jenner Donald Trump comments?

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