YA Book Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Dick Soap on Twitter

YA Book Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Dick Soap on Twitter

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While normally YA book fans on Twitter mostly just talks about their favorite new Young Adult novels, lately, a new topic has emerged: dick soap. In case that’s confusing, it’s soap shaped like a dick, rather than soap for your dick. (Though that exists too.) But why are people talking about dick soap? (Well, other than because it’s kinda hilarious.) We’ve got the scoop.

Dick soap, photo by @librovert

Many YA fans subscribe to Yaira Lynn’s subscription box-style service devoted to “book boyfriends.” (Unlike true subscription boxes, you buy the boxes a la carte, so you don’t have to pay for one you’re not interested in.) Each box is themed around a different book or series; for example, the next box will be based on Kingdom of Ash, the new book in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series.

Though the Book Boyfriend Box doesn’t include the actual novel, it does feature a number of other items. For example, the Kingdom of Ash box will include a mini messenger bag, an art print, a candle, jewelry, a “mystery item” and a bath product.

The art that came with the dick soap, photo by @librovert

The last box, devoted to Maas’ A Court of Thorn and Roses, also featured a bath product — mainly, the aforementioned dick soap. In addition to the dick soap, the box also featured some sexy fan art, and a book of fanfiction called A Court of Smut and Wingspans.

Though there were a lot of jokes (because how could there not be?), some Twitter users were upset that a YA novel had such a sexual tie-in. But it’s worth noting that Lynn repeatedly warned users this box was not for minors, and, in fact, there’s a controversy about the original book as well, and whether or not it’s “Young Adult” fiction or “New Adult,” for older readers.

Lynn posted on Instagram defending the dick soap box, pointing out that A Court of Thorn and Roses itself has graphic sexual content. In a statement, she said, “But with everything in life there will always be those that are scandalized. If the box scandalized you, it wasn’t for you. Most of the feedback has been positive so we are going to concentrate on that.”

Have you ever used dick soap?

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