We Can’t Stop Laughing at These Snapshots of People Who Thought They’d Met a Celebrity Celebrities

We Can’t Stop Laughing at These Snapshots of People Who Thought They’d Met a Celebrity

Written by Stephan Horbelt on December 13, 2018
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Beware the fake celebrity! A relatively new phenomenon we’ve seen pop up on social media is snapshots shared by people who think they just met one of their favorite famous people. And while it’s heart-warming and great to hear stories and see photos of real-life celebrities interacting and posting happily with fans, it’s way more fun when the fan snapping the pic is downright clueless over who they’re photographing.

Below we’ve gathered some of our favorite instances of fake celebrity snapshots.

Some of them appear to be ordinary people who are trying to fool people into thinking they’re the real deal. (Though that’s really no excuse for the person with the camera.)

Others we’re pretty sure are just normal blokes and lasses who didn’t have the heart to shatter the dreams of someone who’s a real fan of the celebrity they almost-sorta-kinda resemble. (Though, if they were truly fans, wouldn’t they realize they were posing with a ‘fake celebrity’??)

Here are some of our all-time favorite fake celebrity snapshots:

She thinks she just met pop icon Rihanna. Little does she know that the breath she wasted is all for nothing!

fake celebrity 2

I’m pretty sure the lack of Secret Service officers would give away that this guy’s a fake celebrity.

fake celebrity 4

Sorry, Becky, but that’s most definitely not Ed Sheeran.

fake celebrity 5

Wait, seriously? You think Oprah flies commercial?

fake celebrity 6

That’s a fake celebrity, hon. Do we even know if Johnny Depp likes hot dogs?!

fake celebrity 7


fake celebrity 8

Not every little person is Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage!

fake celebrity 9

And not every British guy with goofy hair is Rod Stewart!

fake celebrity 10

Sorry, guy, but you didn’t just meet a Game of Thrones star.

fake celebrity 11

This guy is most definitely not the real Chris Pratt, though this fake celebrity could be the guardian of our galaxy anyday.

fake celebrity 12

Bless her heart. She thought Will Smith was Tyler the Creator.

fake celebrity 13

Robert Downey Jr. probably doesn’t head to the mall wearing a Tony Stark suit. This fake celebrity clearly loves the attention, though!

fake celebrity 14

We aren’t gonna break it to this shop owner. You do it.

fake celebrity 15

In this guy’s defense, the man he thought was Bono from U2 is trying really hard to look just like him. Beware fake celebrity photos, everyone!

fake celebrity 16

This one could be one of the best ever. These women knew they were standing face to face with a celebrity. They just got their rich white guys mixed up!

fake celebrity 1

What do you think of these fake celebrity snapshots?

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