Seriously, Should We Be Worried About Fergie?

Seriously, Should We Be Worried About Fergie?

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It’s all anyone is talking about online today: that Fergie National Anthem performance. First things first, if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch:

OK, now that we have that outta the way, we have a serious question to present: Should we seriously be worried about Fergie? Now, this goes way beyond the Fergie National Anthem butchering. (But like, seriously, what was she thinking?)

We pose the question because this isn’t the only time we’ve had to utter the words “Bless her heart” in reference to this Black Eyed Peas and solo artist. In fact, the very last time we brought up Fergie it was because she caused a bit of a ruckus at December’s TrevorLIVE Gala.

At that gala, not once but twice we think we witnessed a total mental breakdown by Fergie.

First she interrupted a speech by Armie Hammer honoring Tom Ford and gave her own version of a lifetime achievement missive. Not only did she refer to him as not being present at the gala (he was sitting in the front of the audience) and call Ford a “purse-bag man,” but she took the onstage moment to sing a little of one of her new songs, called “A Little Work.”

Later in the gala, singer Shoshana Bean walked offstage so the crew could address some technical issues, and Fergie took that opportunity — at a sit-down gala, mind you — to go onstage and crash the show for a second time. She led the audience in a sing-along of that same song (yep, again).

Video footage of those two Fergie ‘WTF? moments’ have since been removed from YouTube.

Fergie has been pretty vocal about her struggles with drug addiction in the past, and while we aren’t here to suggest she’s using again, something definitely seems off with her. Back in September Fergie announced she had broken up with her husband (and father of her son, Axl) earlier last year. She and Josh Duhamel were married for eight years.

Last September, Fergie released a really stellar new pop album, Double Dutchess, that unfortunately didn’t get the credit it deserved, possibly because it dropped around the same time as Taylor Swift’s lauded Reputation release. Several songs from the album were fire, particularly the lead singles, “You Already Know” and “Hungry.”

We were ready for a legit comeback, but now we get this Fergie National Anthem performance. So we ask again, should we be worried?


What did you think of the Fergie National Anthem performance? Sound off in the comments.

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