#FollowFriday, May 18: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Photographers and Activists

#FollowFriday, May 18: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Photographers and Activists

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In our new #FollowFriday weekly feature, we plan to highlight five Instagram accounts from across the LGBTQ spectrum. With no shortage of taste and talent in our community, these artists, performers and activists will enrich your feed and inspire you to scroll on.


Hajime Yamamoto is a Filipino-Japanese artist. His work is precise and bold in stroke and composition as well as spontaneous in color. Each of his pieces are a beautiful rendering of the human form. No wonder he’s had a number of solo exhibitions throughout Japan and in Barcelona.

His drawings of naked guys, usually full-frontal, are causing quite a stir online. They’re from the series ‘Les garcon Des Fleurs.’ (These images are beautiful, but unsurprisingly NSFW, so you’ll want to click through to see them.)

? @haji_moto

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He says, “‘Les garcon Des Fleurs’ was inspired by the inter-connectivity we experience as a new form of intimacy through technology. The series explores this concept with digital interpretations of the naked male form entwined with nature. It seeks to challenge the conventional view of online personal connections as being cold or ‘unreal,’ as well as the cultural taboo of full-frontal male nudity and the negative reactions this can often evoke.”


Bob Bottle is a New York City-based artist and designer whose work explores relationships between queer identity and cyber culture. He uses his Instagram as a visual diary and mood-board.

As a graphic designer and video artist, Bob frequently collaborates with queer nightlife artists and personalities, from Cazwell and Susanne Bartsch to Jodie Harsh, Peppermint and Amanda Lepore.

Last week at @bartschland @dreamhouse_productions KUNST with @jodieharsh ? @stacyha_yj

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He says, “As a platform driven by digital identity artifacts (selfies), Instagram became a natural surface for my work.”

His videos, motion collages and photographs explore the commodification and disposability of gay sex culture, body image in relation to digital manipulation and obsession with online celebrity.


LoRenz is an advocate for the empowerment of black women and lesbians. She’s working on a new app aimed at black women for love.

She says: “It will be an app where you can meet friends, a potential girlfriend or wife but, you’ll also be able to promote your business, talent or events going on in your local areas.


William Martin is a South Africa-born artist working in London. He uses ceramics and textiles to create narrative installations and his current exhibition, ‘Liam,’ at The Smallest Gallery in Soho, is a gorgeous look at gentrification, voyeurism and the relationships between some of the quirky queer characters and residents of Soho.

Make sure you check out his unique, chunky, ceramic chain jewelry and harnesses.


Steve Loader teaches the most fun bits of theater: clowning, improv, physical theater and performance creation. He’s been treading the boards for 23 years, which makes him sound old, although he’s a fresh-faced 37-year-old living in Madrid. His instagram account has a mixture of quirky erotic queer imagery and characters from the Madrid performance art scene.

He’s a founding member of the the city’s English language improv group, MAD Improv. With a weekly show, weekly drop-in class and regular courses they form a hub for the English-language creative community in Madrid.

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Featured image by Bob Bottle.