‘F*ck Batman’: Robin Is No Boy Wonder in the Just Released Trailer for DC’s ‘Titans’ Series

‘F*ck Batman’: Robin Is No Boy Wonder in the Just Released Trailer for DC’s ‘Titans’ Series

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It’s time for the San Diego Comic-Con, which means the geek world is about to get a whole bunch of sneak peeks at what’s coming soon. One of the first to make it out is the trailer for the new Titans show, coming to the new DC Universe streaming platform. The trailer promises a dark, gritty take on the Teen Titans, at least if Robin saying “Fuck Batman” is anything to go by.

The Titans show trailer seems as if the series will start from the team’s beginning. It opens at the circus where Robin’s parents, the acrobatic Flying Graysons, fell to their deaths during a performance. If you’re up on your Batman lore, you know where it goes from here: Bruce Wayne adopts the newly orphaned Dick Grayson (played by Brenton Thwaites), and his ward joins Wayne in fighting crime.

Titans glosses over this: The trailer shows the circus, and then Dick Grayson after he’s left Wayne Manor. When the trailer shows Robin coming upon a group of bad guys, they ask him where Batman is, and the blood-spattered Robin’s “Fuck Batman” reply feels both like a statement intended to strike fear in their hearts as well as Robin working out his emotions towards his adoptive father.

There are also brief glimpses of Starfire (played by Anna Diop) and Beast Boy (played by Ryan Potter), though Raven, played by Teagan Croft, gets the most attention outside of Robin. It looks like Raven’s learning how to control the darkness inside her, which makes sense as her dad was Trigon, the demon from the Azarath dimension.

Hawk and Dove in the new Titans show

So far from the cast listing, it looks like the Titans show won’t be following the standard Teen Titans animated lineup of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy. Cyborg doesn’t appear on lineup, and it looks like he’s been replaced by Hawk and Dove, played by Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly. That’s too bad seeing as Cyborg is a great superhero of color, but at least Starfire will be played by an actress of color.

In addition to the first look at Titans, DC also unveiled more information about the DC Universe service. DC Universe is the new streaming platform from DC Comics, it will be $7.99 monthly, or annually for $74.99.

DC Universe is also getting some exclusive new programming, which will include TitansSwamp Thing and Metropolis on the live-action side, with Harley Quinn and season three of Young Justice from the animation side.

In addition to the new shows, the service will also offer digital comics, library content and a social-media element. Pre-orders are now open.

Watch Robin say “Fuck Batman” in the Titans show trailer below:

Will you be subscribing to DC Universe to watch the Titans show? Is Robin’s “Fuck Batman” appropriate?

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