Laugh Away Your Fears With a Mimosa-Flavored, Dick-Shaped Beer

Laugh Away Your Fears With a Mimosa-Flavored, Dick-Shaped Beer

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Anyone who has ever been in a product research study will recognize the uncomfortable realness of this hilarious gay focus group comedy sketch.

In it, four funnymen — Louis Virtel, Drew Droege, Parker Delon and Pete Zias — work with a marketing douchebag (Kevin Berntson) to help re-brand a beer that will appeal to “the gays.” The video was written and directed by Kyle Buchanan.

What they end up with after the gay focus group from hell is quite the product.

And while we don’t want to give it all away, we’ll say it involves cock-shaped bottles, an ass-baring mascot, ad campaigns featuring RuPaul and TV alien ALF and, duh, mimosas!

Check out the hilarious gay focus group sketch here:

Is there anything more infuriating than straight companies looking to conquer the “gay dollar” by attempting to infiltrate our ranks and capitalize on queer culture? In the above sketch, that’s exactly what these four guys taking part in the gay focus group realize is happening, and the way they have fun with the BrewBros marketing guy is downright hilarious.

Not only do they convince the guy leading this gay focus group that gay men just love being referred to as “the gays,” but they even have him believing the name “Dave” is an anti-gay slur! (Though the above video isn’t all clichés, as we are indeed “sluts for mimosas!”)

You may recognize Virtel from his sassy former web series Verbal Voguing, his current podcast Keep It or as the snapping Jeopardy contestant. Droege is beloved for his Chloë Sevigny comedy videos and for appearing in projects as wide-ranging as Drunk HistoryBob’s Burgers and his own one-man off-Broadway show Bright Colors and Bold Patterns.

Zias has appeared in a handful of comedy videos, including the “Dumpster Queens” series and Judge Jackie alongside Jackie Beat. And DeLon is a former paparazzo who gained notoriety after appearing on the reality TV game show Big Brother Season 9. He now works in casting reality TV.

Did this gay focus group comedy sketch leave you craving a mimosa-flavored, cock-shaped beer? No? Just us?

This story was originally published on March 15, 2017. It has since been updated.

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