The Netflix Canada Twitter Account Calls Itself ‘The Gay One,’ and It’s Not Kidding

The Netflix Canada Twitter Account Calls Itself ‘The Gay One,’ and It’s Not Kidding

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Netflix uses different social media accounts for different countries to help keep its international users up-to-date on the different TV shows and films offered in each region. On Twitter, for example, there’s Netflix US, Netflix U.K. and Ireland and then there’s Netflix Canada, or as it likes to call itself, “the gay one.” And it’s not kidding around. This gay Netflix account even has a queer sense of humor in its posts.

On Sunday night a Twitter user wrote, “Wanna know what I don’t get? Why there has to be a difference in @Netflix_CA and @netflix??”

The difference, of course, is simple. As we explained above, Netflix offers different content in different countries because of licensing agreements and such.

But Netflix Canada had a different answer altogether, responding, “Because we’re the gay one.”

And this gayness isn’t just a one-off throwaway joke. A queer sensibility runs through several posts of this gay Netflix account.

For example, the Twitter bio for Netflix Canada reads, “Dedicated Cate Blanchett and Choni fan account.” Choni, for those who don’t know, is a lesbian relationship from the Archie-inspired TV drama Riverdale. Its bio also calls itself “The gay Canadian one.”

Choni is the relationship between Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz from The CW’s teen drama ‘Riverdale’

In its other posts, the so-called gay Netflix account focuses on seasonal fashions worn by different actresses, geeks out over “hot guys on teen dramas and actresses over 40 who sometimes wear wigs,” calls hunky actor Stanley Tucci “the collective man of our dreams,” gives major love to bisexual Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser and even retweets gay music icon Cher as an explanation of why it doesn’t offer as many films and TV shows as the American Netflix.

Check out some of our favorite Netflix Canada moments:

It’s obvious that a younger, queer (or queer-friendly), web-savvy person runs the Netflix Canada account, and we kind of love them for it.

Stay gay, Netflix Canada.

What do you think about the gay Netflix Canada account?

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